Marion Petite


Marion spent her childhood on a Halifax Army Base encouraged by her father, Harvey Petite, to draw and paint. She took Saturday classes at NSCAD in the 1960’s and spent all her spare time creating. A small Brownie camera opened her eyes to other mediums. When she attended NSCAD in 1970 Gary Kennedy was shaking up the Art world with conceptual art classes and she did her Foundation class with Gerry Ferguson. In 1972 she spent one year at Langara College studying Fine Arts. Upon returning to Halifax in 1977 Marion was exploring Social Work as a career option but decided to return to NSCAD in 1979 and graduating in 1982. She majored in Photography discovering a passion for documentary thus tying in her Social Work experience. Her Documentary, “ Grieving, a series of self portraits “ was well received in the Social Work community and exhibited at Eye Level Gallery.

Marion loved to draw and took it as a minor at NSCAD. In 1994 she gave up Black & White photography for health reasons and began drawing and painting while raising three young children. Marion established herself as a children’s art teacher in Wolfville, Amherst and Moncton. She also taught many Adult art classes and was a supply Art Teacher in Moncton, NB.

Recently, Marion has picked up the camera and discovered Digital. As she learns new tech skills, she still draws and paints. Her influences are Monet, Daumier and Betty Goodwin, to name a few.  Her work has been shown in several group shows in Moncton and private collections across Canada.