Natalia Kalafut


Natalia Kalafut is an emerging fibre and mixed media artist in London, Ontario. After completing her BFA in textiles and fashion from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she plans on moving her practice to Toronto in the near future. Her focus is on the production of hand woven cloth on a loom and natural dyeing. Her work ranges from yardage to one of a kind installation pieces that are meant o create "interactive situations" with the viewer. Natalia has been featured in the Handweavers Guild of America, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot Magazine and has been awarded many fibre-related scholarships such as the HGA Scholarship and Joyce Chown Fund Textile Bursary. Enthusiastic to teach the local community about natural dye processes, she recently worked with NSCAD University in the development of several dyeing workshops for events such as Artist for  a Day. Natalia is currently conducting research on the application of tactile techniques in arts and crafts and the influence on educational learning in children and youth.