NSCAD Community Studio Residency Program


2015-2016 NSCAD Community Studio Residents

  • Caitlin McGuire, BFA 2015 (Interdisciplinary), and Kelsey Pearson, BFA 2015 (Printmaking), will be resident at the Bridge Centre for Arts and Technology in Dartmouth.

  • Lux Habrich, BFA 2015 (Interdisciplinary), Julie Wagner, BFA 2014 (Ceramics), and Marley Johnson, BFA 2014 (Painting), will be resident at the NSCAD Lunenburg Community Studio.

  • Sarah MacLeod, BFA 2015 (Interdisciplinary), will be resident at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

All residencies for 2015-2016 will begin in September.


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If you'd like to learn more about the NSCAD Community Studio Residency program through the School of Extended Studies, contact the Coordinator, Stephanie Mason, at 902-494-8251 or email smason@nscad.ca.


Residency Sites

The Residency program offers recent NSCAD University graduates the opportunity to develop their practice through donated studio space in a residency site within Nova Scotia. As part of the program, our residents work with community members and students to increase interest in the visual arts. 

To learn more about a specific site, click on the links below:

2015-2016 NSCAD Community Studio Residents

Lux Habrich, LunenburgBFA (Interdisciplinary) 2015

Habrich - Web1
Lux Habrich is originally from Montréal, QC, and finishing an Interdisciplinary BFA at NSCAD University. Lux employs the immensely healing qualities in craft processes (ceramics and textiles) to record a personal history of inherited trauma. Committed to expressing social justice issues and participating in support work, Lux externalizes intense internal grievances, to open up collective issues and qualities of larger community struggle to receive moments of healing and empowerment.


Marley Johnson, LunenburgBFA (Painting) 2014

Johnson -  Web1
Marley Johnson is currently in his fourth year at NSCAD University where he is completing a BFA in Painting. He is an active student contributing time to assist the painting technician and also mediating figure drawing classes.

Sarah MacLeod, SydneyBFA (Interdisciplinary) 2015

MacLeod - Web1
Sarah MacLeod is a Halifax-based artist currently pursuing her BFA at NSCAD University. Sarah’s current practice is focused in using video projection and installation in conjunction with experimental textile work and soft sculpture. Thematically, Sarah’s work critically examines the aesthetics of girlish childhood nostalgia while deconstructing darker underlying themes of chronic/mental illness, familial relationships and how these concerns shape identity.


Caitlin McGuire, DartmouthBFA (Interdisciplinary) 2015 

McGuire - Web1
Caitlin McGuire  is an emerging painter and illustrator from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She received her BSc from St. Francis Xavier University in 2009 and will complete her BFA at NSCAD University in May 2015. Caitlin’s work is playful, conveying her vibrant point of view through her use of colour and perspective. She enjoys engaging with youth to help them develop problem-solving skills through the practice of making art. Caitlin’s most recent paintings examine urban landscapes and how people engage and interact with them.


Kelsey Pearson, DartmouthBFA (Printmaking) 2015 

Pearson - Web1
Kelsey Pearson is a BFA student from Napanee, Ontario, with a focus on Printmaking. Her work reflects her upbringing in rural Ontario, and the plethora of communities she has come into contact with since that time. With a love of storytelling, her work provides a scene from a larger tale to provoke questions and conversations with the viewer. Her work is both a celebration and critique of the strange, and an exploration of memory. Her critiques are either direct, or camouflaged with colourful scenes and mild humour.


Julie Wagner, LunenburgBFA (Ceramics) 2014

Wagner - Web1
Julie Wagner is a Halifax artist who recently earned her BFA with a major in Ceramics at NSCAD University in 2014. In February, before graduating from NSCAD, Julie had a solo exhibition, “Bio Vita”, at the Anna Leonowens Gallery featuring her large-scale sculptures. In May 2014, Julie completed a residency at Medalta in Alberta, where she focused on her installation, “Bitumen”, that depicted the destructive effects the Alberta tar sands have on the planet, and in particular, the oceans. Julie’s wall piece, “Home”, was selected for the “30 Under 30” exhibition at the Gardiner Museum in November 2014. “Home” focuses on the calming and peaceful nature of the ocean.