Professional Development
Professional Developement

Our courses are designed to enhance your professional practice.
Interested in building skills to help you become an enhanced team leader? Learning more about the creative process to design and work with effective teams, or financial management for the arts?

Our experienced instructors will harness your energy, knowledge and expertise, to challenge you as they facilitate and guide you on your pathway to learning. Here is a list of some of the courses we have offered and may be offering this term:

Certificate Programs

•  Certificate in Photography

•  Certificate in Digital Media                                                                                        

Professional Courses

•  Art Therapy: An Introduction               
•  Art Therapy II: Psychodynamic and Humanistic Approaches
•  Graphic Facilitation -The End of PowerPoint
•  Mixed Media Drawing: Beyond the Pencil
•  Teaching in Three Dimensions

Open Studio

•  Dawson Printshop
•  Printmaking

•  Life Drawing

Customized / Tailored Courses and Programs