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AGES 15-18

SC: The Human Body: movement and extensions within art  (Week 1)

Students will explore the abilities of incorporating the human body into an art form while exploring how to artistically use their bodies to create and enhance art. From throwing paint on blank canvas to creating tools to be used as an extension of the body students will create a fun and educational environment where they will get opportunities to work together to create interesting art pieces from a unique point of view. References to various art forms such as cubism, pointillism and gestural abstraction will be investigated throughout. By taking part the students will be manifesting energetic artwork full of movement and interaction with art, while referencing the bodies abilities and how to extend it through art practice.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: June 27, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0465 [Register Online]
Instructor: Marena Thompson
Site:1107 Marginal Road
Date / Time:July 4-8, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$295.00 + HST


SC: Ceramics: Vessels (Handbuilt and Thrown)  (Week 2)

Perfectly suitable for first timers as well as return students, this class gives students the opportunity to experience the potter’s wheel along with hand building techniques in an exploration of vessel forms. Drawing from thousands of years of pottery, students will be exposed to contemporary and historical ceramics for influence.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 4, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0441 [Register Online]
Instructor: Kate Grey
Site:1107 Marginal Rd
Date / Time:July 11-15, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$310.00 + HST


SC: Fashion  (Week 3)

Discover and explore the process of fashion design and construction while learning basic sewing and garment assembly skills. Students will build and develop a mock collection by considering colour, fabric, shape and feel to assemble mood boards depicting their choices and design ideas. Students will shape their potential fashion collection and develop their presentation skills by having a critique session. Learning of all the steps taken when developing a fashion collection from scratch! Students will learn basic machine and hand sewing skills, including but not limited to, straight sewing, straight seams, curved seams, pocket assembly, zipper application, hemming and seam finishing. These skills will then be
applied to the construction of a garment using a commercial pattern. Each student will finish the week with a completed mood board, a sewing sample book, a sample project and a garment sewn by them!

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 11, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0466 [Register Online]
Instructor: Elliot Mussett
Site:1107 Marginal Rd
Date / Time:July 18-22, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$295.00 + HST


SC: Black & White Photography  (Week 4)

Learn the art of black and white film photography including the proper use of a manual
35mm camera! Students will have the opportunity to capture their ideas on film and
develop their own negatives and prints in a fully equipped darkroom. The course begins
with activities to familiarize and build confidence in the areas of understanding exposure,
controlling the camera, composing the shot, and developing the negative and final print.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 18, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0445 [Register Online]
Instructor: Katherine Nakaska       
Site:D391, 5163 Duke St.
Date / Time:July 25-29, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$310.00 + HST


SC: 2D Animation  (Week 5)

Students explore the foundations of animation through a variety of hands-on experiences, demonstrations, and exercises. Students create a character that they will scan and animate using Adobe Photoshop an After Effects. Concepts covered are keyframing properties, pre-composing and motion capture. We will have a group in-class screening of animation completed in each exercise at the end of class.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 25, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0467 [Register Online]
Instructor: Sam DeCoste     
Site:N320c, 5163 Duke St.
Date / Time:Aug 2-5, Tue-Fri, 9am-4pm (4 sessions)
Tuition:$240.00 + HST


SC: Drawing Site Specifically (Week 6)

This course will explore the process of drawing through daily field trips and walking expeditions. Working site specifically students will work to sketch and record their surroundings and understand the principles of perspective, measurement, proportion, depth and distance. Student will playfully experiment with mark-making, use of colour, composition, line quality and subject matter in the creation of their work. Upon return from field trips and site visits students will return to the studio to further develop work in a variety of media including graphite, charcoal, chalk, and watercolour.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 2, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0461 [Register Online]
Instructor: Charley Young  
Site:1107 Marginal Rd
Date / Time:Aug 8-12, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$295.00 + HST


SC: Portfolio Prep (Week 7)

This one-week intensive course focuses on improving the overall quality of portfolios required for application to first-year credit visual arts study. Topics are based on NSCAD and other national art school requirements and include critiquing and selecting work, producing images of work, and writing an essay. Studio exercises provide an understanding of essential problem-solving and observational drawing skills, including drawing from a nude model and site visits. Personal critiques of work, recommendations for additional work and a tour of NSCAD are provided. Bring a sketchbook (no smaller than 9" x 12") and pen to first class. Additional supplies are discussed.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 8, 2016

Course Code:
ESUP-0111c [Register Online]
Instructor: Charley Young      
Site:1107 Marginal Rd
Date / Time:Aug 15-19, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)   
Tuition:$295.00 + HST


SC: Colours from the Garden (Week 8)

Join us on a journey where we'll gather plants and other found materials to create magnificent colors on fabrics. Spending time outdoors, we will go on a number of nature walks to collect materials, sketch our surroundings, and create art installations. In the studio we will make dye baths using indigo, marigolds, onion skins and other plants to color fabric, paper, and found objects. Together we will explore mark making using processes such as tie-dye, wrapping, and stitching. These materials will then be transformed into art projects such as: bags, sketchbooks, t-shirts, quilts, and wearable art.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 15, 2016

Course Code:
ESYP-0460 [Register Online]
Instructor: Natalia Kalafut & Maryia Tsehtik  
Site:1107 Marginal Road
Date / Time:Aug 22-26, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm (5 sessions)
Tuition:$295.00 + HST