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OneWeb User Guide
OneWebLogo  Download the NSCAD OneWeb User Guide (PDF)
This user guide is for NSCAD staff members who have received OneWeb training from Computer Services.


This is a list of some of the most common reasons behind problems that users encounter when using OneWeb.

COMPATIBLE WEB BROWSERS: Only two web browsers are compatible with our currently-installed build of OneWeb CMS6: Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and lower (there are issues with IE 11). Do not use any other web browser when editing in OneWeb.

COPYING AND PASTING CONTENT: Never copy/cut content from another source (i.e. Word, an email, a website—including the NSCAD website!) and paste it directly into OneWeb. You need to strip out all the content's formatting first by pasting it into TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows). You can then copy it from TextEdit/Notepad and paste it into OneWeb. All styles (formatting) have to be applied using OneWeb's native editing tools via the toolbar. Additionally, for Mac users, you need to set your TextEdit formatting to Plain Text, as it defaults to Rich Text. To do this, open TextEdit, go up to Format on the top menu and from the drop-down list, choose Make Plain Text.

EVENT CALENDAR ISSUES: Because Firefox and Internet Explorer have gone through many updates since OneWeb 6 was released, compatibility with the OneWeb Event Calendar application has degraded to the point of complete incompatibility. Please contact Tori if you are experiencing Event Calendar issues. An old legacy version of Firefox can be installed on your computer as a temporary workaround.

IMAGES: Always format your images to the correct size BEFORE uploading them to OneWeb's Media Manager. Check the maximum width of the content block that you intend to insert the image into and then ensure your image isn't larger than that. Content block sizes are all provided in the OneWeb user guide. If your image is too big, resize it using a program such as Photoshop. Also, be sure to "Save For Web" so that your file size is not huge. Try to keep image files under 60kb for faster loading and avoid using the CMYK colour system. Your image should be saved as RGB colour.

UNWANTED DOUBLE SPACING: When typing content, you will end up with double spacing if you just hit the ENTER/RETURN key on your keyboard. If you're just trying to get a hard line break, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard at the same time that you hit the ENTER/RETURN key.

WEB LINKS: Don't try to copy a web link from another source (i.e. a website or a link in an email) and paste that directly into OneWeb. Links are created using the Hyperlink Manager on the OneWeb toolbar (see the manual).

WHY CAN'T I CHECK MY LINKS?: If you are still logged into OneWeb, the only way to check any links that you have inserted is to remove the editing overlays on the content block first. Overlays are the dotted lines around a content block that indicate editable sections of the site. To temporarily remove them for the purposes of checking a link, hover over the content block with your mouse until you see a little box with an "x" in it at the top right. Click on the "x" and the overlay will disappear. You can now check your link. If you are still in editing mode on that content block, you will neither see the overlays nor be able to check a link. Save your content first, then remove the overlay as explained above.