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Calendar Sharing - Outlook 2011 for Mac

To share your own calendar with someone:

Right-click on your calendar and from the drop-down menu, choose Sharing Permissions:



In the Folder Properties window that will appear, click on Add User:



Enter the name of the person with whom you wish to share your calendar and then click Find:



In the search results, make sure that the correct person's name is highlighted and then click on OK:



Back in the Folder Properties window, choose the level of access that you wish to grant the other user, either by using the Permission Level drop-down menu or by using the radio buttons. When you are finished, click OK:



Opening a calendar that someone else has shared with you:

From the main Outlook menu, choose File > Open > Other User's Folder:



Enter the name of the person who has shared his or her calendar with you and then click OK:


If the name resolves successfully, that person's calendar will now show up under Shared Calendars in the Calendar view in Outlook.