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Microsoft constantly updates the features offered with Office 365, often at a rate that's difficult to keep up with. While every effort is made to update these instruction pages accordingly, some will inevitably become inaccurate within days of publishing them. If you have a NSCAD Office 365 account and you find a significant discrepancy between these instructions and what you actually encounter on Office 365, please contact Desktop Support in Computer Services so we can update our help pages. Thanks!

Disable the Clutter Feature in Office 365


The "Clutter" feature is essentially an aggressive spam filter that is included with NSCAD's Office 365 for Education plan, but while the feature sounds great in theory, it might do more harm than good in practice. This feature "learns" what you consider "low-priority" email based on your mail sorting habits. Unfortunately, there is a substantial learning curve involved for both the Clutter feature and for the user. Clutter will inevitably make mistakes and send important mail to the Clutter folder rather than your Inbox, so if you don't make a habit of checking the "Clutter" folder, you might miss important messages. Unfortunately, Microsoft has enabled this feature for all users by default.

To disable Clutter, perform the following steps:

Log onto the Office 365 webmail client, either by using the quick link at the top right on the NSCAD website or by going directly to it via Once you are logged into your account, look for the Clutter folder along the left of the page (in the list with your other mail folders). Right-click on the Clutter folder to get the following drop down menu and choose “Clutter settings”:



Clear (remove the check marks from) both boxes under “When email is received” and then click on “Save":



Your settings should now look like this, with the box beside "Separate items identified as clutter" left un-checked: