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Microsoft constantly updates the features offered with Office 365, often at a rate that's difficult to keep up with. While every effort is made to update these instruction pages accordingly, some will inevitably become inaccurate within days of publishing them. If you have a NSCAD Office 365 account and you find a significant discrepancy between these instructions and what you actually encounter on Office 365, please contact Desktop Support in Computer Services so we can update our help pages. Thanks!

Guest Access for OneDrive Files

If you need to give someone (especially non-Office 365 account holders) quick access to files stored in your OneDrive library, you can do so by sending them a guest link. To do this, sign into Office 365 and go to your OneDrive library. Select the item you want to grant others access to and then click on Get Link from the top menu options:


The default access setting gives anyone with the link editing rights over the files, so if you need to change this, click on the link that says "Anyone with this link can edit this item" to get the permissions window:


You can leave the permissions as "Anyone with this link", or you can limit the access rights to only people within NSCAD, or only specific people. You can also remove the check mark from the "Allow editing" box to restrict other people's access to read-only. Also, you can set an expiration on the link so that it will no longer work after a certain date:



After clicking "OK", you'll get a window with a link that you can copy and paste into an email to send to the person you want to share your files with:



You can also use the Share function to give others access to your OneDrive files. See this page for more information on the sharing function »