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Microsoft constantly updates the features offered with Office 365, often at a rate that's very difficult to keep up with! While every effort is made to update these instruction pages accordingly, some will inevitably become inaccurate within days of publishing them. If you have a NSCAD Office 365 account and you find a significant discrepancy between these instructions and what you actually encounter on Office 365, please contact Desktop Support in Computer Services so we can update our help pages. Thanks!

Guest Access for OneDrive Files

If you need to give someone (especially non-Office 365 account holders) quick access to files stored in your OneDrive library, you can do so by sending them a guest link. For invitees without an Office 365 account, this functionality is currently restricted to individual files and cannot be used to grant guest access to an entire folder. Microsoft is apparently working on improving this, but the functionality is not yet available at the folder level. You can, however, send a quick link for an entire folder to another NSCAD Office 365 account holder.

IMPORTANT: there is nothing to stop the recipient from forwarding their guest link to other people, thereby granting those others the same access to the file. For this reason, do not send guest links for files that you don't want widely shared.

To give an individual who does not have an Office 365 account access to a file, sign into Office 365 and go to your OneDrive library. Select the file you want to grant others access to and then click on Get a Link from the top menu options:


Choose either View link - no sign-in required or Edit link - no sign-in required, depending on whether or not you want the person to be able to make changes to the file. If you want them to have read-only rights, make sure you choose the View link option:


Click on Create and a guest access link will be created, which you can then copy and paste into an email to send to external users. You can also set an expiration on the link so that it only works for a specified amount of time. Remember to do this if you don't want others to be able to access the file forever (or until you delete it). Once you have copied the link, you can just close the window.


These steps can also be used to get a quick access link for people within NSCAD's Office 365 user group by choosing one of the other three options:
Restricted link - Only specific people can open this link
View link - NSCAD University account required
Edit link - NSCAD University account required

You can also use the Share function to give others access to your OneDrive files. See this page for more information on the sharing function »