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Managing Spam with Outlook 2011 for Mac

If you right-click with your mouse on an email that you know to be spam, you can choose to either mark it as junk, block the sender altogether, or create a rule to tell Outlook what to do when it receives future emails that meet a set of criteria specified by you.

To either mark the email as junk or block the sender, choose "Junk Mail" and the appropriate secondary option from the drop-down menu:


To create a rule which is capable of targeting the more random elements in a spammer's emails, choose "Rules" from the drop-down menu:


The default settings in the Rules window will usually need modifying in order to make it effective, so don't just leave everything as-is without paying attention to the setup. If the spam message keeps coming into your Inbox from the same sender's address, you can leave the first rule at the default. However, you should take a close look at the address to see what it really is, as spammers often use many different addresses, but with the same display name.
If there is more than one address, you can click on the + sign beside that first rule and add more addresses. You can add many other criteria too by clicking on the various drop-down menus in this window. (i.e. you can change "From" to "Sent To", "Subject", "Body", "Subject or Body", etc.).


If you notice that a repeat spammer is using slight variations in the subject line of the email or the main text of the email, you can enter key words or lines by clicking on the "Add search items":


Set enough criteria to help Outlook identify any possible emails from this spammer and then tell Outlook what to do when it identifies mail meeting these criteria by completing the "Do the following" section. Sending the email to your Deleted Items folder is one option.