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Publication ProposalThe Press of the Nova Scotia Art and Design will be taking a two-year moratorium on the production of new publications starting July 2010.  The Press will continue to promote and distribute its existing publications as well as fulfill its contractual obligations to all of our authors and editors. We hope to renew our publishing activities in 2012.

The Press welcomes unsolicited proposals of scholarly titles for two main types of publications:

Source Materials of the Contemporary Arts, Craft, and Design: These publications are composed of original artist’s documents, artworks, scripts, interviews, presentations, performances, and other types of original production. The function of the publication is to make the primary material available for study, as a source for future research. The primary documents may be accompanied by an introductory text, but are not typically accompanied by a significant number of critical or interpretive essays by scholars or critics.

Scholarly Writing About Contemporary Art, Craft and Design: These publications contain original research and scholarly writing on art, craft, or design, and may be single authored or an anthology of writings to an edited volume. These publications require a peer review process, and time must be allowed for this procedure.

This guide is intended to introduce authors and editors to the publishing procedures of The Press. Although every book is unique, the following guidelines will apply to most projects. Throughout the publishing process our staff works closely with authors to realize the maximum potential of every manuscript.

We would prefer that proposals submitted to The Press not be under consideration with another publisher. If you do choose to submit to more than one publisher at once, please tell us that we are in competition.

Before submitting the manuscript itself, you should first send The Press a query letter. Ideally, your letter should be no more than two pages and should include the following information:

  1. the prospectus of your manuscript;
  2. a table of contents (The table of contents should be complete and detailed. Explanatory notes should be included as necessary. This enables the reviewers to understand the structure and content of the manuscript.);
  3. in what way the manuscript constitutes a contribution to your field;
  4. approximate length in double-spaced manuscript pages, and number and type of illustrations;
  5. your intended audience.

If you are aware of any previous publications of The Press that your work would complement, it would be helpful to mention them. With the letter, you should enclose an up-to-date curriculum vita or resumé.

The Press’ Editorial Board will review your letter and its accompanying materials. Before deciding whether or not to encourage you to submit your manuscript, the Board may ask you to provide further information. The final decision to publish will normally be based on the evaluation of a complete manuscript.

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New Edition

Oldenburg - Raw Notes

Raw Notes

Claes Oldenburg

Softcover, 554 pages, 53 bw, 7.5 x 11", $70.00
ISBN: 978-0-919616-43-1

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