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Garry Kennedy - Page 141

Page 141
Garry Neill Kennedy, C.M.

Product details:
Page 141 is in a limited edition of 200. A two coloured print on 20 x 27.5" Pescia Litho paper, signed, titled and numbered by Garry Kennedy and printed by student Jason Windsor.
Price: $200
Publication Date: 2002

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In 1972, in response to a request from the editor Peter Townsend to write an article about the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, then President Garry Kennedy produced Page 141 for the October issue of Studio International. It was to be in the context of the issue’s theme, “Aspects of Art Education.” Other articles on the subject were by Roy Slade of the Corcoran School of Art and Roy Ascot of the Ontario College of Art.

Garry recently wrote:
“I decided to do an alternative to what was expected of me–a straightforward account of such routine topics as our history and future, roles and goals, problems and aspirations, etc. I thought the college was on a distinctive and unique course and I wanted to do something to demonstrate that–something that would stand out from the crowd. Also, I wanted to make something that was consistent with my art and the then current conceptual art–hence the factual, deadpan, summation type presentation. The idea for this ‘clump’ of words layout came from the magazine world itself where we often find a box of words in fine type containing the magazine’s address, subscription rates, distributors and stuff like that. There were a few humourous anecdotes to have come out of it. One that springs to mind is when Martin Barlosky was doing research on the college a few years ago and needed to dig up the ‘article’ at the Ontario College of Art Library. He found the issue there, safely bound – but with the NSCAD page removed.

Why did I make the litho? It was reproduced recently in Canadian Art in a piece on my work by Sherri Irvin. That got me thinking. It’s 30 years later – a tidy coincidence of time. That’s a good reason, a good moment to dig out old memories to try them on today – to take attendance, as it were. Furthermore, the litho format was a neat way of reviving the memory of the Litho Workshop and at the same time provide an opportunity to raise interest and support for the revival of the NSCAD Press.”

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Page 141
Garry Neill Kennedy, C.M.
Limited edition, two colour lithograph on Pescia paper, 20 x 27.5”
Price: $200

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