Internships and Practicum Placements

Applying for a Placement

Internship/ Community Service Learning is a studio course that can be undertaken for 3 credits, 6 credits and in exceptional circumstances 9 credits.  The course code will be determined by the student's primary area of study.  For example a student pursuing a Major in Ceramics will be registered as CERM 395X(3/6/9).  Students will submit a one page proposal that outlines their skill set, the organization's needs, duties to be performed and how these duties match the student's area of study.  Students must be maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher, have completed 9 credits of LAS course work including 6 credits of AHIS and have completed an overall total of 60 credits at the time of application.

Research Internship is a 3 credit LAS course with a primary focus on research work with an appropriate organization. Students focusing their studies in Art HIstory and who have completed 15 credits of Art History course work may register for AHIS 4600 upon submission of a one page proposal and consent of the Chair of Art History and Contemporary Culture.

Design Practicum is a 3, 6 or 9 credit course for Design students that is supervised by the NSCAD Design Division Chair. Bachelor of Design students who have completed 36 credits in Design including Design Studio 4 are eligible to apply for the course DSGN 4033 / 4036 / 4039.

Students who are seriously considering an Internship, CSL or Practicum should make an appointment with the Coordinator Off Campus, International and Advising to discuss their options.  Students are strongly encouraged to beginning planning for a placement well in advance to ensure application is made by the appropriate deadlines.

Summer Registration - Deadline March 15th

Fall Registration - Deadline March 15th

Winter Registration - Deadline September 15th


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