Disability Services
Students Experiencing Disabilities

For students experiencing learning disabilities and other documented disabilities, our Student Experience Office has a Disability Resource Facilitator who provides service to NSCAD students. To set up an appointment, please call Bill Travis at (902) 494-8313. Services and accommodations will vary, depending on the individual needs of each student, but can include note-taking and tutoring services, the provision of texts and readings in digital format (for persons experiencing print disabilities), accommodations for writing exams, assistance with applications for the Canada Student Grant for Equipment and Services for Students with Disabilities, and learning disability pre-screening interviews.  Also, if required, referrals are provided to local psychologists who specialize in Psycho-Educational Assessments for University students. NSCAD Students with mental health concerns can arrange for personal counselling appointments with NSCAD's on-site counsellor through the Office of Student Experience, or ask for a referral outside of NSCAD to a psychologist who will bill directly to the Student Health Plan (which covers $1000 of psychological services per year).

If mental health is an issue for you, you might also want to take a look through NSCAD's Wellness page, with a wealth of resources for students/faculty and community support contacts:

For more information on resources for students experiencing disabilities, please refer to NSCAD’s General Policy on Students with Disabilities, or contact Bill Travis, Disability Resource Facilitator at (902) 494 8313 or by Email


Students with medically documented disabilities (including mental illness) can be considered full-time with a 40% course load.  Let SUNSCAD know if this applies to you, so they can confirm with the Registrar’s office, give you a bus pass, and put you on the student health plan.

Registering your disability with Student Loans can gain you eligibility to thousands of dollars in grants every year! If you have any questions about the student loan process and eligibility, NSCAD’s Manager of Financial Aid and Student Counselling may have answers for you. If you change your course load, talk to her, as this may affect your loan!

To accommodate your needs in class (i.e. with access to class notes, extensions, more time for tests, etc…), your instructor does not need to know what your diagnosis is.  All they need is a letter from the Disability Resource Facilitator indicating the appropriate accommodations and confirming that your documentation is on file. To ensure the necessary supports can be put in place, see the Disability Resource Facilitator for accommodation letters in the first two weeks of each semester.

The SUNSCAD has a confidential student advocate (i.e. the VP Academic) who would be happy to support/accompany you to a meeting with a teacher.


The free, downloadable NSCAD Mobile App provides easy access to emergency phone numbers, including NSCAD security. It also has numbers for student wellness services such as academic counselling, mental health support and disability services.
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Resources to support students’ mental health and wellbeing at NSCAD