Fees & Tuition

Office of Financial Services

4th Floor
5163 Duke Street
NSCAD University
Halifax, NS  B3J 3J6
Phone: (902) 494-8222
Fax: (902) 429-4925

Hours: 9:30 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday

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Methods of Payment

  1. Interac Online - click here for details - Log In WebAdvisor
  2. Online or telephone banking  with the following financial institutions: BMO, TD, RBC, Scotiabank, CIBC, President’s Choice Financial , Central 1 Credit Union and Atlantic Credit union. When you go to your on-line bank account set NSCAD  up as a payee  as opposed to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  The account number is the 6 digit or 7 digit  ID number shown on you ID card.  (use all numbers including the 0's at the beginning of the number ).
  3. Western Union GlobalPay for International Students Click here for step by step
  4. Pay in person or at ABMs at any of the above-mentioned financial institutions
  5. Bank or Postal Money Order in Canadian funds payable to NSCAD University
  6. Cheque (current dated) from a Canadian financial institution made payable to NSCAD University
  7. Interac / Debit (in person only)
  8. Cash (in person only)


Note: Students are responsible for keeping their accounts current, and should check on their account status regularly on web advisor or by contacting Student Accounts at the Office of Financial Services (

Students should note that Financial withdrawal Dates / Refund Schedule (and subsequent charges) are different from Academic Withdrawal Dates.

Outstanding Fees

No student will be permitted to register who has an outstanding and overdue balance owing to the University. Transcripts and grades will not be issued to students having an overdue account balance with the University. Graduating students with an outstanding account balance will not receive their diplomas or transcripts until all fees have been paid. 

Fee Payment Due Dates

 All fees are payable as follows:

  • Fall Semester:  Due September 30
  • Winter Semester: Due January 31
  • Summer Semester: Due May 31 
Tuition Payments and Withdrawal Procedures

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the financial regulations and payment schedules of the University. Registration is regarded as incomplete until all fees have been paid in full. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in cancellation of enrolment at the University.  Official withdrawal from the University must be done through the process described in the Academic Calendar.  

Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program For the 2013-14 academic year, all Nova Scotia students (as determined by a definition established by the province) will receive a reduction in their tuition of $160.38 per each 3 credits (up to a maximum of 12 credits) and other Canadian students will receive a reduction of $32.64 per each 3 credits (up to a maximum of 12 credits). This reduction, which will take the form of a bursary, will be applied using the same guidelines as for tuition. ***Please note that effective for the Fall 2015 Term, the Out of Province Bursary of $32.64 has been eliminated by the Province of Nova Scotia.  Please check our website for more detailed information about the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program as it becomes available.

Canada Student LoansStudents must usually be registered in full time course load to qualify for Canada Student Loans.  Students planning to pay by Canada Student Loan should apply to their province early in their registration process so that funds will be available by the time payment is required.  The University will deduct fees/charges from the loan at the time of endorsement.  NSCAD students applying for Canada Student Loans and provincial student loans must have the loans made out to NSCAD University as the official Institution of Record.  Most Student Loans are processed online (Master Financial Assistance Agreement) and you do not need to visit the Office of Financial Services.   If you have received Student Loan assessment and/or Student Loan documents by mail and do not have a Master Financial Assistance Agreement please visit the Financial Aid Office.

Senior Citizen Discount

The university offers a 40% discount to senior citizens (60+) enrolled in undergraduate courses.

Late Payment Interest Fee

Interest of 12% will begin accruing on all outstanding accounts 30 days following the final due date for semester fees (the final business day of th emonth in which the semester begins): September 30 / January 31 / May 31

Refunds for Awards / Scholarships / Bursaries

Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries are credited to your tuition and fees first.  Refunds for Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries in excess of regular student fees can be requested from the Office of Financial Services after the official full session add/drop date for the term, usually mid October, mid February and mid June.   If you know that a refund will be due to you after all tuition and fees are paid and you have an urgent need (example - books or class supplies purchases) then consider applying for an Interim Loan from the Financial Aid Office.

Additional Fees & Charges

Late Registration Fee$50.00
Late Payment Fee$50.00
Transcript - Official$10.00
Transcript - Unofficial$  5.00
Transcript - Rush$20.00
Graduation Administration Fee$50.00
Building Access Cards$20.00
Courier Admin Fee$  5.00
Duplicate Tax Receipt$  5.00
Student ID Card Replacement$10.00
NSF cheques fee$20.00
PLAR Assessment (per 3 credits)$75.00

Late Registration Fee: $50.00To be levied upon returning students who register for the next term following each Credit Priority Period. Credit Priority dates will be available on the NSCAD website under Current Students, and through the Office of Student and Academic Services.  The fee is applicable in both Fall and Winter semesters.

The fee will be levied immediately following the last working day of the month in which the semester starts: September 30 / January 31

Late Payment Fee: $50.00To be levied upon students for late payment of outstanding fees immediately following the tuition due dates: September 30 / January 31 / May 31

Transcripts:  Unofficial $5.00

Official:  $10.00

Rush (official or unofficial) $20.00 (Less than 24 hours, staff availability permitting)

Graduation Administration Fee: $ 50.00

Students graduating in May 2013 or later will pay a $50 fee to be submitted with application to graduate.  Application forms submitted without payment will not be processed. 

Access CardsNew students are required to obtain an access card for a $20 fee.  This card grants the student access to the campus buildings and required studios.  $10 will be refunded to the student upon return of the access card at the conclusion of the student's program.  The fee for replacement cards is $20.

Other Charges and Fees
  • Courier Fee: Charge of courier plus $5.00 administrative fee
  • Duplicate Tax Receipt: $5.00
  • Replacement ID card:  $10.00
  • NSF cheques returned by bank: $20.00
  • PLAR Assessment: $75 per 3 credits

Estimated additional expenses

The following budget itemizes typical expenses encountered by single students living away from home while attending the university. The figures represent estimates and are reported to provincial student aid offices as such. All students are advised to plan for the expenditure of the amounts indicated unless they have reason to believe that other amounts are more appropriate. 

ExpenseTwo Semesters
Room & Board (i.e. St. Mary's University Residence)$10660.00
Books, Supplies & Materials (depending on courses taken)$2500.00

(Clothing, laundry, personal, recreation)
Local bus travel 

(All full time NSCAD students will receive a  UPASS bus pass for HRM Transit, valid from September-April- this charge is included in student fees)
$ 152