New York Studio Residency Program

The New York Studio Residency Program, located in Brooklyn, is four months long beginning in either September or January. NSCAD usually sends a 3rd / 4th student (60+credits) each year.

The program counts as 15 credits towards a NSCAD degree; all students enroll in Contemporary Art Seminar for 3 credits and Independent Studio for 12 credits.

Independent Studio (12 credits)

If you are ready to work independently and make art with self-discipline and commitment, Independent Studio provides 15 hours a day, seven days a week access to your individual work space in a building full of arts organizations and artists in the vibrant DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. Students may work in the following disciplines:

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, New & Mixed Media, Digital Arts & Video, Fiber Arts, and Related Visual Arts

NYSRP Application

Application forms must be completed in their entirety and submitted to NSCAD's Coordinator Off Campus, International and Advising by the posted deadline.

A portfolio of recent work must accompany each application and consist of no more than 20 pieces. Work should be digital images or time-based and be accompanied by a corresponding typed list of works.

Faculty Recommendations (2) must be submitted by two faculty (forms are included with the application form)


The NYSRP/ NSCAD Scholarship, when available, will award the successful applicant $25,000. The balance of the award will be forwarded to the student after the NYSRP tuition and NSCAD tuition have been deducted. The balance is sufficient to cover accommodations in NYC and the cost of materials/studio fees for the program, but it is up to the student to budget accordingly as no additional funding will be provided. Application for the NSCAD NYSRP Scholarship is separate from the NYSRP application and, when available, will be posted. Please make an appointment to discuss your interest in this program with the Coordinator Off Campus, International and Advising well before the application deadlines.


Students must apply by Oct. 1st for consideration for the NYSRP and by Oct. 24 to be considered for the scholarship.

Exchange / Off Campus Application Deadlines

  • Fall            March 15th
  • Winter       September 15th

Some exchange partners only review applications for fall or winter once a year  by the February deadline. Please consult with  the Coordinator Off Campus, International, and Advising for a list of these schools.

Summer study will be considered on a case by case basis only. Please inquire well in advance of the summer semester to see what may be possible.

Students should consult the Coordinator Off Campus, International and Advising four to sixteen months in advance of their planned off campus semester.


NSCAD Exchange Application

NSCAD Faculty Recommendation

NSCAD Independent Off Campus Application

NSCAD Practicum Application (design only)

NSCAD Art in Schools Application