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STUDENTS:All current students are granted a WebAdvisor Login.

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Current NSCAD Students may:

- See their current and future registered-for semester schedules
- Check Account statements
- See Unofficial Transcript
- See GPA
- Search Timetables
- Register Online (when registration opens - see below)




Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 10:00AM:


All eligible Degree & Certificate Students may start their summer registration on WebAdvisor on February 8, 2016.

There are no registration priority timeslots assigned for the summer semester so registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are unable to register online using WebAdvisor, including students who have not yet completed their Foundation requirements, will be able to get registered in person at the Office of Student Experience (OSE) by submitting a completed Course Registration Form. Students wishing to register for a summer course for which they do not have the prerequisites should make sure to obtain the instructor’s signature before visiting the office.

 Wednesday, February 22, 2017:


Individuals who wish to register for a NSCAD summer course as a Non-Degree Student or a Visiting Student must apply and be admitted to NSCAD before being able to register. It is important to review the online information to prepare your application and registration prior to the registration start date. Students who have previously taken courses at NSCAD as a Non-Degree Student or Visiting Student do not have to reapply and will be able to get registered in person at the Office of Student and Academic Services starting February 22.

Students having problems accessing WebAdvisor should visit the NSCAD Password Manager page or contact Computer Services.



Monday, March 13, 2017:

All students who are eligible to register will be sent an email notifying them of their registration "window" (a time/day when you can START to register for fall and winter). This information will be sent to your NSCAD Student Email Account.

NOTE: If you do NOT receive an email on March 14 with a registration window (time/day), please contact and we will review your access. Students who were NOT registered in Winter 2016 but who intend to return to complete their program(s) will not receive access, and so must request it.


In order to maintain a version of Registration Priority as in the past, students are given access to the registration function in WebAdvisor in priority order. Thus, Graduate and VAC/Post Baccalaureate as well as senior Undergraduate students will have first access.  Several days after they are able to register (online or in person), students in the next group will be given access, and so on.  By March 24, all registration groups will have been granted access. Students can ONLY begin registration when their registration "window" opens. They may then continue to add/drop, manage waitlists etc. through to the start of each semester, abiding by the add/drop dates for each semester. 

The Registration Priority period remains open until March 24.

On June 29, late registration fees will apply. 

On April 4, Non-Degree & Visiting Students will be eligible to register.


Non-Degree & Visiting Students must apply and be admitted prior to being eligible to register in classes. Admission is often granted the next day if documents are properly and promptly submitted. When possible, apply in advance of the beginning of the registration period so you may register before classes fill. Review the Non-Degree & Visiting Students information to prepare your application and registration.

*You will be able to register for courses in S2017, F2017 and W2018

Course Selection: General Information

Course Selection can be made via WebAdvisor (if you have completed Foundation and have no outstanding Fees), paper (fax) or in person if you wish, but can only be accepted once the individual is authorized to register:

• Course selection can be made in person at the Office of Student and Academic Services (you will be required to fill out a registration form)

• Or by faxing the Course Selection Form (fax: 902 425 2987) 

*We recommend that you make your registration request in person if you have not yet submitted one.

**Faxed forms will not be processed right away. For immediate registration, please visit the office!




WebAdvisor will ALERT you if a course you wish to register for conflicts with another choice, but will allow you to "waitlist" yourself for a course even if there is a conflict (the conflict alert will appear once you are granted permission to register in that waitlisted class).  Students are NOT permitted to register with conflicts, so please heed the alert, and DROP the conflicting course.  Registration staff will not be checking conflicts, and so you must pay close attention to your schedule to avoid them.


Waitlists are maintained until the beginning of the relevant term. Prior to classes beginning for a term, Waitlist Offers will be emailed (to NSCAD student email accounts) on WEDNESDAYS until the relevant semester begins. We call this "Waitlist Wednesday".

If you are on a waitlist, you should check your NSCAD email each WEDNESDAY or log in to your WebAdvisor account and review the “Manage My Waitlist” link.  If you have a waitlist status of “P” (Permission to register) with an expiry date which has not yet arrived, you are eligible to register for that course.  Note that after the 24 hours has expired, while you may still see the “P” designation, the expiration time will indicate that the space is no longer available to you.

If you have difficulty registering, you may contact your Academic Advisor for assistance (you may have a restriction on your file such as unfinished Foundation Courses which require you to have your waitlist offer processed for you).  Remember that your waitlist offer expires in 24 hours.  Once your waitlist spot expires, you will no longer be eligible to register for that course.

If you do not receive a waitlist offer before the term starts, you may go to the first class to ask the instructor if any spaces have become available. In order to add a class after the term has begun, you will need the instructor's signature on your course selection or add/drop form and submit this to the Registrar's Office on or before the last day to add a class for the term.


Only students who have applied to graduate may take 18 credits in one of their final two semesters prior to graduation. This "overload" must be authorized in WebAdvisor in order for the student to be able to register for an overload. The Overload also "belongs" to a particular semester. So students who wish to take an overload should:

1. Submit an Application to Graduate

2. Contact the Registrar ( and specify which semester s/he wishes to overload


Please note that Prerequisites are only checked when you “Register” (not when you waitlist) for a class. So if you do not have the prerequisites for the class you are waitlisted for, you will be alerted NOT to register (should you do so, you will be removed from the class). If you have secured written authorization for the course (in place of prerequisite), and this authorization has been submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Services, you may register without the prerequisite. Written authorization may be in the form of a signed registration form or an email from the instructor / chair. This authorization must be in place before you are able to register for the class. NOTE: Students with outstanding Foundation Courses MUST FIRST register for these before being permitted to register for additional courses.

Special Permission/Signature: Students who do not have the prerequisites for a course but have signed authorization from the instructor must bring that authorization to the Student Services Office and register in person for the course.

Courses that require Consent/Signature: Some courses "require" an instructor or chair's signature, and in some cases a studio consent form. This authorization must be sought by the student and brought to the Student Services Office in order to proceed with registration for such courses. Examples include ARTS 4000 (Studio 1), some senior level AHIS classes, Internships, etc.



Information regarding registration, deadlines, transfer of program requests, academic standing, missing prerequisites, course withdrawals, etc. are sent to your NSCAD Student email address.


Please verify that NSCAD has your correct address and telephone number. Check WebAdvisor for the current address we have on file for you. If your address is incorrect, notify the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible.


This fee will be levied upon returning students in undergraduate degree programs provided

with a Priority Registration Period who fail to register for any classes for the Fall or

Winter terms on or before June 29, 2016. Priority Registration Periods will be assigned

in March 2016 by the Office of Student and Academic Services.


All NSCAD students engaged in credit courses are required to have a valid NSCAD ID Card. The ID Card is required for evening/weekend access and for use of the NSCAD library.  Student ID cards must be revalidated each semester that the student is registered at NSCAD and should be in the student’s possession at all times when s/he is on campus.  Students should expect to present their ID cards to Security officers after hours and on weekends. Because the ID card is a picture ID, the student must be available during scheduled daytime hours to have her/his picture taken. There is no charge for a Student ID card. If the card is lost, there is a $10.00 charge for its replacement.


Once you have logged in, and have received your Registration "window", if you are blocked from registering and receive an alert, it could be for several reasons:

1.  You still have outstanding Foundation Credits which need to be completed.  In this case, please visit the Student Services Office to register in person.  You will be permitted to register when your “Permission to Register” is granted, but we will check that you first have registered for any outstanding Foundation classes you need.  The registration restriction will remain on your file until you have completed your foundation requirements.  Registration must be done in person.

2.  You have outstanding Fees.  Visit the Finance Office to clear your account.  They will remove the restriction from your file.   If you have a student loan document which has been signed (but the funds have not yet arrived), please speak with the Finance Office to have the restriction lifted.

3.  You have a status of suspended or dismissed.  Please see the Registrar

4.  You have some other Restriction on your record. Please see the Registrar

If you are attempting to Drop “all” courses for a semester, you will be prevented from doing so and must contact the Student Services Office to complete the process.

If you have other difficulties when trying to register, you may visit the Student Services office or contact your Academic Advisor.

Outstanding FeesNo student will be permitted to register who has an outstanding and overdue balance owing to the university. Transcripts and grades will not be issued to students having an overdue account balance with the university. Graduating students with an outstanding account balance will not receive their diplomas or transcripts until all fees have been paid. 

General Information

NSCAD University reserves the right to add, drop, or modify a course or courses.  Therefore, students are advised that the contents of this publication are subject to change without notice, other than through the normal announcement procedures of the University, which include emailing students who have gained admission to a course which has been affected.  Every student accepted for registration at NSCAD shall be deemed to have agreed to any such deletion, revision or addition to this publication whether made before or after said acceptance.  NSCAD does not accept the responsibility for the loss or damage suffered or incurred by any student as a result of suspension or termination of services, courses or classes caused by reason of strikes, lockouts, riots, weather damage to University property or for any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the university.

NSCAD reserves the right to limit enrolment in any program.  While the university will make every reasonable effort to offer classes as required within programs, prospective students should note that admission to a degree or other program does not guarantee admission to any given class.  Students should select optional classes early in order to ensure that classes are taken at the most appropriate time within their schedule.  In some fields of study, admission to upper level classes may require more than minimal standing in prerequisite classes..