Student Re-Entering after Absence

Re-Entering Students
Students who are returning to NSCAD after an absence of two or more semesters (excluding summer) are required to submit a Re-Entering after Absence form (pdf) and are required to discuss their course selections with the Registrar prior to submitting their selection.

Returning after Absence: Policies

Leave of Absence: Undergraduate Students
A Leave of Absence is defined as a temporary suspension of studies for more than one semester from the University taken at the end of a semester.  An undergraduate student in good standing may apply for a Leave of Absence for up to two academic years.  A student may apply for a Leave of Absence at any time, but the leave will not officially begin until the end of a semester on condition that the student remains in good standing.

The benefit to a student of applying for a Leave of Absence is that the student may discuss the options under which s/he may leave a program of study at NSCAD University for a stated period of time with permission to return to studies after the Leave of Absence without having to reapply to the University.

Leave of absence of one academic year
Students who apply for a leave of one academic year or less may, when they return, complete the degree requirements that were in effect at the time of their leaving.

Leave of absence of more than one academic year
Students who apply for a leave of more than one academic year will have to meet new degree requirements if these are in effect when they return.  Nevertheless, students on an approved Leave of Absence for more than one academic year may seek certain modifications to new degree requirements with the approval of the Chair of the Division and the Registrar.  During the leave, the student is responsible for consulting the University’s website for registration information and for completing the registration process that is described in these materials when the student is ready to return to studies.  Students may seek registration advising by contacting the Office of Student and Academic Services

Students on an approved Leave of Absence are responsible for keeping the Office of Student and Academic Services informed of their current mailing and email addresses.

A student taking courses elsewhere while on a Leave of Absence should request a Letter of Permission from the Office of Student and Academic Services for any course(s) to be used for degree requirements.  Only approved coursework completed with a “C” grade or higher can be transferred back to a student’s degree program.  At the completion of the approved course work, the student should arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Office of Student and Academic Services.

Absence of more than seven years
If seven or more years have elapsed since a student’s enrolment at the University, she or he must meet current degree requirements and residency requirements as described elsewhere in this calendar.  A student returning after this length of time must be prepared to complete at least one full-time semester or the equivalent of 15 credits in residence at the University.  Art history credits that have been completed more than 20 years previously will be counted as general liberal arts, but will not be counted toward the current art history requirements of the University’s degree programs.

Returning students who have completed credits at another recognized university during the time of their absence from NSCAD may apply for Transfer of Credit by arranging for official transcripts to be forwarded from the granting institution directly to the NSCAD Registrar.  Such transcripts will be reviewed upon receipt.