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There have been a number of changes to course codes in the 2014-15 Academic Calendar. This does not mean there are any academic program, or course changes, but it means that you will find them in a different section of the calendar that you did in previous years. You can find a table with the new course codes and cross listings here.


Any reference to courses in the Academic Calendar is a statement about courses that are regularly offered as part of the degree programs of the university. A listing in those publications does not guarantee that a particular course will be offered in a particular year or a particular semester. Students are advised to consult specific timetables for information on the class offerings for that semester.

Course Codes and Credits:

AHIS = Art History
ARTS = Arts (studio)
CERM = Ceramics
CMDS = Communication Design
CRFT = Craft
CSTU = Critical Studies
DRAW = Drawing
DSGN = Design
EDAR = Education
ENGL = English                     FHIS= Film History
FILM = Film
FINA = Fine Art Interdisciplinary


FNDN = Foundation
JWLY = Jewellery JOUR=Journalism
MDES = Master of Design
MDIA = Media / Intermedia
MFAR = Master of Fine Arts
PHOT = Photo
PNTG = Painting
PROD = Product Design
PRTM = Print Making
SCLP = Sculpture
TEXL = Textiles & Fashion

Number of Credits (3, 6, 9)

Course Type Designations
S = Studio courses
LAS = Liberal Arts and Social Science courses
E = Education courses
G = Graduate courses
O = Open courses

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