NSCAD Student ID Cards

All students enrolled in courses at NSCAD are required to obtain a Student ID Card. ID cards are required for:

  • Picking up documents at OSAS requires current student photo identification
  • U-Pass  – To use the U-Pass students must also use their ID card
  • Access to NSCAD Library Services
  • After-Hours and Weekend Campus Access
  • Access to Photography and Multimedia equipment
  • NSCAD Art Supply Store credit,  chargeable to your student account
  • Access to local university libraries such as Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s and King’s College
  • Access to Student Discounts at local businesses in the Halifax Area

Student ID cards must be revalidated each semester that the student is registered at NSCAD and should be in the student’s possession at all times when s/he is on campus.  Students should expect to present their ID cards to Security officers after hours and on weekends.

There is no charge for a Student ID card.  If the card is lost, there is a $10.00 charge for its replacement.

Because the ID card is a picture ID, the student must be available during scheduled daytime hours to have her/his picture taken as part of the process.