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When submitting your supporting documents as part of your application, the document formats you use should be chosen carefully based on the type of document you need to upload.


Text documents (statements of intent, lists of works, recommendations) should be .pdf


Moving images (video, animation) and audio should not be uploaded, but provide links to your files stored on third-party sites.


If you prefer to submit a full portfolio that combines visual work and descriptions, this should be submitted as a web-quality .pdf document that may need to be split into a maximum of five files to meet upload size restrictions.


Please remember, when you have completed uploading all of your documents, you must submit and e-sign your application.


File names.

You may name each document file as you upload it (regardless of the original file name) and it should be in the following naming convention:




For example:
01Portfolio_JohnSmith_MyDrawing 02Portfolio_JohnSmith_MyPainting
01Sketchbook_JohnSmith 02Sketchbook_JohnSmith




For example:

Images (portfolio and sketchbook).

Images can be combined into PDFs, and uploaded:
• File Size: Maximum size is 10MB per PDF.
• Up to 5 PDF files total for all images.


Please do not upload each image as an individual pdf. This will not be accepted.
Please do not upload images as any other file types (doc, gif, rtf, jpg) . This will also not be accepted.


Helpful Notes
You can upload and delete files to My Documents as many times as you like. The admissions committee will NOT review your portfolio until you click the Finished Uploading My Documents button.
Always double-check to make sure all your images look okay before you upload them to My Documents, and then check them AFTER you upload them as well, to make sure they’ve uploaded properly.

Image troubleshooting and resizing your images.

In case your images are too large, you can shrink your file size with one of the two following methods:
Image Editing Tools:
ImageResizer (Windows:,
iResize (Mac:
Online Image Resizers:


Creating a resizing your PDFs.

To merge different images into a PDF, or to transform your Word Documents into PDFs, you have several options:


Google Docs:
Upload your images/text onto a word document in Google Docs, place them as you wish onto the page.
Once you’re done, download the document to your computer as a PDF file.
Upload the PDF to My Documents.


Microsoft Word (Windows) / OpenDoc (Mac):
Use any standard writing software, like Word.
Add your images/text to the pages, place them as you wish.
OPTION 1: Save the document to your computer as a PDF.
OPTION 2: Or, save the regular word file, and use one of the following online PDF converters to turn it to a PDF file:


Open a Photoshop document.
Insert your images onto the page, and place them as you wish.
Save the document onto your computer as a PDF file.
Upload to My Documents.


In case your PDF is larger than 10MB, you will have to shrink it first before uploading it.
This can be done in Acrobat Pro by reducing file size and/or saving for web display. If your file is still large, you may wish to replace the individual images in your document with image files of lower resolution and file size (an image only needs to be 72 dpi in order to display well on a monitor). Alternatively, use the following online tools to shrink your PDF:

For media (video, audio).

Media files tend to be large, exceeding our upload file size restrictions. Your time-based work (audio or video) should therefore be accessible on a third-party site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Soundcloud, or other shareable/linkable document storage site for which you can supply links to those works you wish included in your portfolio. To include your works in your portfolio, simply list their individual URL or link as part of their description in your list of works.

For text documents (admissions essay and list of works).

You can upload your admissions essay and list of works as:
PDF (Word documents will not be accepted).
In order to turn your Word Document into a PDF file, please refer to the creating-and-resizing-your-PDFs section above.

For lists of works.

Your list of works must list each portfolio/sketchbook image uploaded (using the file name convention described above) plus any works not uploaded for which you wish to provide a url/link.


You can upload your list of works as:
PDF (Word documents will not be accepted).
In order to turn your Word Document into a PDF file, please refer to the creating-and-resizing-your-PDFs section above.