Although I am currently a painter, I like to think that my studies in printmaking at NSCAD contributed to my current art making practice by instilling in me a type of work ethic that has served me well as an artist.  One develops a respect for the process, a certain level of patience and persistence, and perhaps most importantly, one learns to ‘let go’ and allow the medium to work its magic.

Twenty years of life on the beautiful Fundy shore has greatly influenced my painting.  I am interested in the power and energy of nature’s tides, the change of the seasons and the rhythms of nature.  My painting style is loose and gestural, a reflection of my preoccupation with that type of energy in the landscape.

Working in acrylic and also in encaustic, I strive to make the plein air tradition of painting relevant to my artistic practice by maintaining a tension between the subject matter and my personal painting style.