A Visiting student is an individual permitted to take courses at NSCAD for transfer of credit towards a degree/ diploma program at another university of post-secondary institution.  Visiting students must submit a Letter of Permission from their home institution before they will be permitted to register.  Visiting students require signatures for most courses they wish to take at NSCAD, with some exceptions:

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The following courses may be taken without signature / authorization by Non-Degree and Visiting Students.  Welcoming Non-Degree and Visiting Students into courses must be balanced with a responsibility to assess their ability to succeed in the course(s).

Historical & Critical Studies

AHIS (all classes unless a signature is required as prerequisite)
CSTU all classes
ENGL all classes


FNDN 1350 Foundation Computer
FNDN 1310 Foundation Photography
FNDN 1360 Foundation movement Art
FNDN 1330 Foundation Video
FNDN 1340 Foundation Wood and Metal

FNDN 1200 Introduction to Visual Culture

FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts


DSGN 2xxx level classes

CMDS 2xxx level classes

PROD 2xxx level classes


CRFT 2100/FINA 2100:  Intro Book Arts (NOTE that this course rarely has space available)
CRFT 2245/ ARTS 2019:  Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word
CRFT 2005: Letterpress Print
CRFT 2016 Jewellery: Out of Bounds
JWLY 2000 Intro Jewellery
JWLY 2100 Intro Holloware
TEXL 2000 Intro Weaving
TEXL 2200 Intro Screenprinting
TEXL 2100 Intro Resist Dye

Becoming a visiting student is a chance to round out your education with a little travel or change of focus. Halifax is a great place to be!