At the Anna: new window exhibitions

The Anna Leonowens Gallery is thrilled to resume its roster of in-person exhibitions for the fall 2021 semester while adhering to NSCAD University’s Covid-19 guidelines. Please note: masks are required in the gallery and we can accommodate up to 46 visitors at one time.

The Anna is anticipating the possibility of line-ups for entry during opening receptions, so please come prepared. Not in Halifax? The Anna will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

September 14 – 25, 2021: Jordan Beaulieu, Felix Bernier, Eilidh J. Bassani


Gallery 1: Modern Beaches, Jordan Beaulieu, MFA thesis exhibition

Modern Beaches is a thesis exhibition and publication considering how locals relate to the highly mediated landscapes of PEI tourism by gathering traces in form of river trash, inconspicuous video uploads and abandoned blogs, obscured art histories, and menacing fibre crafts.

Gallery 2: The surface of data, Felix Bernier, MFA thesis exhibition

The surface of data is the result of a year-long exploration around the Nova-Scotian gold rush hysteria and its parallels with today’s extraction of personal data. The exhibition is set to physically and virtually recreate aspects of a gold mine and provide an immersive and interactive experience where data becomes the new gold. In a play between old and new photographic technologies, the installation invites us to walk into this physical environment of data in order to reflect on the environmental and social impacts of both types of extraction.

Gallery 3: Eilidh J. Bassani, undergraduate exhibitor

About her exhibition, Bassani states, “There is little distinction between life, people and earth in my artworks. Incorporating film and acrylic painting mediums, I look at natural forms and the human figure within nature. The environment that we are bound to is an overlap I like to think about. A new kind of reflection is found in my adventures into the natural.”

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