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At the Anna

Jan 17 – 21, 2023


She Took What She Wanted

Lil MacDonald

Gallery 1

She Took What She Wanted is an investigation into trauma, suffering, and recovery through self-portraiture. Using photographic techniques combined with mixed media and interactive elements, MacDonald aims to take the incomprehensible and abstract fears in their mind and convert them into a form that can be better understood by the viewer.


Indifference of the End

Jackson McDonald

Gallery 2A

Indifference of the End explores the inevitability of endings and the beauty in that certainty. This concept is explored through a variety of mediums acrylic, charcoal, gouache, graphite and mixed media. An interest in narrative-driven works and audience response are further explored through bookmaking and interactive elements.


Lynn Van Pelt

Gallery 2B

Grog examines form and texture through depictions of the human figure. Drifting in and out of physical space, these bodies made of clay explore our relationship with the unknown. This exhibition includes fragmented yet life-size sculptural works created in a variety of different clay bodies.



Mads Randall-Warnica-Powers

Gallery 3

JÆNE, pronounced like ‘gene’ as in ‘genetics’, is a new term that Mads Randall-Warnica-Powers and their mom, Treena, developed together to replace the term ‘daughter’ and/or ‘son’. This idea roots from conversations they’ve had with one another since Mads came out as non-binary. Through ceramics, metal, leather-burning, wood-burning, and ritual; JÆNE makes space for difficult knowledge and hardships that stem from queerness. In an effort to explore queer pasts and futures; this exhibition is an invitation for strangers, familiars, loved ones, and ancestors to be present for conversations that require connective listening and care.


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