Dr. Christopher Mark Kaltenbach

Associate Professor
Division of Interdisciplinary Design


Office Number: N291
Phone Number: 902 494 8197


Kaltenbach is a designer and writer who has worked in interdisciplinary roles in design and design education in Australia, Canada, Japan, Macau and the United States. The founding director of the interdisciplinary design studio actionfindcopypaste, clients have included Sony, the Japanese beverage producer Kirin, the Japanese condominium real estate company Mitsubishi Jisho, the French outdoor luxury clothing company Aigle, and the University of New Mexico Art Museum (U.S.A.). He holds a U.S. patent for a 3-D printing vending machine concept he developed in 2008. Since 2013, Kaltenbach’s design practice has broadened to include speculative work addressing environmental advocacy. The completion of a Ph.D. degree in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) has launched an additional practice focused on reframing the insect through design. His writing appears in the book “Insectum” published by NSCAD University, and in the book “Stories from the Camera” published by UNM Press, as well as in the Dutch architecture magazine MARK and the Australian design magazines AR and INSIDE.


In early 2019, Kaltenbach completed a practice-based Ph.D. degree in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. This research degree work has defined his interdisciplinary design practice with a trajectory embedded in issues of sustainability and Asian culture; it is focused on reframing the insect through design. As a biology-based agenda, it considers the role of design in commercial industry applications of insects, such as bioengineering, food production, and pet breeding; Kaltenbach has defined this as Design Applied Environmental Entomology. During the four-year period of the degree he built a number of temporary architecture installations, published a book, and research paper, and held exhibitions on the subject in Tokyo and Canada.

This PhD work along with an undergraduate, design studio course titled INSECTUM, which Kaltenbach created and has taught for over five years, culminated in the participation in the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association (JIDA) Next Eco Design exhibition held in Tokyo in December of 2019. Here Kaltenbach and three students from that course were invited to exhibit. This was the first time for students outside of Japan to exhibit in this annual exhibition, which over the past decade has promoted the work of Japanese design professionals, and students from a select number of Tokyo-based, university design programs. In the end the each student received an award for their exhibited work, and Kaltenbach was interviewed by NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting network), as well as having his insect-based design work featured. See NHK World’s “Great Gear” program; start video at 14:09:


Kaltenbach’s PhD dissertation, along with images, VR tour and video of the architectural examination installation and the examination itself can be found here:,contains,kaltenbach&offset=0

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