Regular Part-Time

Janet Robertson

Regular Part-Time Faculty


Campus: Port Campus
Room Number: P219


Master of Fine Arts, Boston University (1999)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, NSCAD (1991)
New York Studio Session, Association of Independent Art Colleges (1991)
Association of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Graphic Design, NSCAD (1991)


The subject matter of my painting over the past several years has been the landscape. Before this, figures played an important role in my pictures, and they are gradually making their way back in. The landscapes I paint are based on places I know intimately; they are humble views which reflect the notion of something seen either habitually or during a rural outing. I strive to express the forms, spaces and natural phenomena which I’ve experienced in these locations in an authentic way, and to balance this with a kind of intuitive interpretation. Typically, I begin by making drawn and painted studies (often plein air) to explore a subject’s expressive potential. As for other sources, I rely less and less on photographic aids (using them tends to hinder my progress). Concerning the human form, I sometimes refer to masterworks or use my memory/imagination. I paint my compositions onto the canvas freehand, altering them as needed. I may start off with a crisp idea about a subject’s potential, or perhaps be less than sure. Regardless, paintings underway tend to get shifted a lot, during which time spatial tensions, descriptive treatment and even colour choices are questioned (often, drawings are done to help). When what seems to be a simplicity enters in, and everything is working as a whole, then the painting is done. On some pictures this process can seem endless, but until this kind of formal and conceptual complexity is arrived at, I am not satisfied.



1994 Paintings, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, N.S.
1991 Recent Work, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, N.S.



2018 Painting & Drawing Department Exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax, N.S.)
2014 RPT@NSCAD, Anna Leonowens Gallery. (Halifax, N.S.)
2013 Misfits, Parentheses Gallery (Halifax, N.S.)
2002 Soluble Fish, Owens Art Gallery (Sackville, N.S.)
2001 Janet Robertson and Ward Williamson, Eyelevel Gallery (Halifax, N.S.)
1999 Autumn Gold, Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery (Halifax, N.S.)
1999 New Models, Fuller Gallery, Boston University (Boston, Mass.)
1995 Collective Viewing: Work from the Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank, Saint Mary’s
University Art Gallery (Halifax, N.S.)
1992 START, Studio 21 Fine Art (Halifax, N.S.)
1992 Kim Farmer, Kate Munro and Janet Robertson, OO Galley (Halifax, N.S.)