Help our students afford healthy food on #GivingTuesday

It’s been an extraordinarily challenging year for NSCAD students, and the university has strived to help them cope by holding tuition flat and increasing emergency funding, scholarships and mental health support.

NSCAD joined other Nova Scotia universities to improve food security for students on #Giving Tuesday. The J & W Murphy Foundation inspired this collaboration, providing a minimum donation of $3,500 to each university with the potential for additional matching funds if the campaigns exceed this threshold.

Our community – alumni, faculty, staff, board, and friends – exemplified the meaning of #GivingTuesday as they came together to raise over $10,000 for student food security at NSCAD, totally smashing our stretch goal. That’s more than 200 X $50 grocery gift cards that can be awarded to students in distress. On behalf of them, thank you for your incredible generosity!

You can continue to donate to the campaign throughout December to help our students afford healthy food during the holiday season and give them the best chance to excel at NSCAD.

Food insecurity is real and happening among students enrolled at NSCAD, and COVID-19 makes the situation worse. In fact, a recent study showed that 39 per cent of Canadian students sacrifice buying healthy food in order to pay their essential expenses.

A gift from you can help our students afford healthy food and give them the best chance to excel at NSCAD.

The first $3,500 we receive will be matched through the generosity of the J & W Murphy Foundation to increase the total campaign impact.