BFA, Textiles
and Fashion

Division: Craft/Foundation
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Program: Major in Textiles/Fashion

Program Length: 4 years (see Degree Requirements)

Campus: Fountain Campus

Program Entry

The Major in Textiles/Fashion is an open entry program. After successfully completing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to major in textiles/fashion.

Program Requirements

Completion of Foundation Year 1. 30 credits of 1000-Level courses including:
FNDN 1010 Intro to Studio practice(3-credits)
FNDN 1100 Foundation Drawing I(3-credits)
FNDN 1200 Intro to Visual Culture (3-credits)
FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts(3-credits)
Years 2-4. Courses Required:
AHIS 2020 Survey of 20th C Art(3-credits)
AHIS 2120 Craft and Design Hist 1750-1950 (3-credits)
AHIS XXXX(3-credits)
AHIS 3160 20th C Craft (3-credits)
AHIS 3XXX / 4XXX (3-credits)
TEXL 2000 and/or TEXL 2010 and/or TEXL 2100 and/or TEXL 2200 and/or TEXL 2500 and/or TEXL 2550 (12-credits)
TEXL 2150 or TEXL 2300 or TEXL 2450(3-credits)
DSGN 2015 or TEXL 3010 or TEXL 3206 or TEXL 3350(3-credits)
TEXL 3000 and/or TEXL 3100 and/or TEXL 3410(12-credits)
TEXL 4006 and/or TEXL 4020 and/or TEXL 4506(12-credits)
ARTS 3110 Entrepreneurship for Visual Arts or ARTS 4210 Professional Practice(3-credits)
Elective/Open Credits
LASC credit(6-credits)
Open credits(24-credits)

Please visit the Academic Calendar for a description of all courses available during your undergraduate studies.

Available Minors

There are many minors to complement your textiles/fashion major, including art history, ceramics, drawing, film studies, illustration, jewellery design and metalsmithing, print/paper/book, textiles and journalism.


Faculty members are accomplished artists, scholars, educators and leaders in their craft. Rory MacDonald is the Craft Division Chair. For a list of full faculty, click the button below.

Rory MacDonald
Division Chair