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Zainub Verjee and Luc Courchesne, 2022 hHonorary Doctorate recipients
Zainub Verjee and Luc Courchesne, 2022 Honorary Doctorate recipients

NSCAD Honorary Degree nomations are now open

NSCAD University’s Honorary Degree Committee is asking the NSCAD community to nominate exceptional individuals to be awarded the degree of Doctor of Fine Arts (honoris causa) or the honorific Life Fellow.

Please send your nominations, including a cover letter, biographical research, and supporting information in confidence to by April 21, 2022, at 5 p.m. AST. Nominators should reference their interest in NSCAD and connection, if any, to the nominee. Nominees should not be consulted.

By awarding honorary degrees, NSCAD University seeks to recognize extraordinary achievement, in Canada or abroad, and to honour those individuals whose accomplishments are of such generally perceived excellence that they provide, through example, inspiration, and leadership to the graduates of the university. Their esteem should be such that, by virtue of accepting an honorary degree, their presence will bring honour and distinction to NSCAD University.

An extraordinary achievement worthy of an honorary doctoral degree is excellence or achievement in creating something important and new – new knowledge, a new value, a new perspective, a new capability, a new appreciation, a new event, or a new object.

The committee defines as broad a range of categories when considering nominations. In determining the leaders and exemplars to honour, it will seek over time to achieve a balance across disciplines and backgrounds. The committee may also consider the association nominees may have with NSCAD University or with higher education more broadly.  As such, the committee asks the NSCAD community to consider diversity in all its dimensions – thought, practice, experience, culture – when putting forward a nomination.

For more information on criteria, eligibility, and more, read the terms of reference for the committee.