Professor Gary Markle – Textiles and Fashion

Gary Markle is created a fashion line for seniors called Well Worn. Inspired by his mother, who has dementia, Professor Markle wants to make clothes that are fashionable, comfortable, easy to take on and off, and allow the wearers to maintain their dignity. Funding was received through the Canadian Institute of Health and Research (CIHR). Learn More →

Professor Darrell Varga – Art History

Darrell Varga’s Shooting From the East: Filmmaking on the Canadian Atlantic (McGill-Queen’s University Press) is a major work of scholarship on the history of filmmaking in the Atlantic region. The book covers the early days of art cinema, including the presence of Robert Frank at NSCAD, through to the establishment of a commercial feature film and television industry. Learn More →

Professor Glen Hougan – Design

A leader in design for aging populations, Glen Hougan has been researching medication management systems and assistive aids for the bathroom. Learn More →

NSCAD Media Arts

Professor Sam Fisher – Film

Professor Sam Fisher created the Andra focus puller to democratize the craft of focus pulling for the film industry. Learn More →

Professor Mathew Reichertz – Fine Art

Mathew Reichertz is working with colleagues Bryan Maycock at NSCAD and Raymond Klein and John Christie at Dalhousie University to explore the effects of lighting on the drawing process. Learn More →

Professor Paul Maher

Paul Maher is designing visual artifacts and participatory art experiences to engage decision makers, experts, and communities on the topic of climate change. Learn More →