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NSCAD University prides itself on starting a journey of a life long love of art and art practices. See what else our students have learned along the way.


Foundation Studies


Foundation is a comprehensive first year program that informs all further study at NSCAD. While most students arrive with some familiarity of drawing and painting, many have never worked within the three-dimensional realm. In Foundation, you will be exposed to new methods, materials, and ideas; from working on a loom, to shooting a video, to creating a sculpture. It’s a year of constant exploration.

Along with studio-based courses, you will also take classes in art history, writing for the arts, and visual culture. This gives you the chance to learn how particular styles and schools of thought fit within the history of art, as well as how to write persuasively and think critically. At the end of foundation, you will be fully equipped with a visual vocabulary, an awareness of key concepts and practices in art, craft, and design, and the confidence to start making choices about where to focus your creative energy over your next three years.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Ceramics


The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Ceramics offers students an opportunity to explore the media and practices of ceramics. You will study vessel, sculptural, and architectural ceramics and examine the relationships between design, materials, colour, process, and techniques. An awareness of historical and contemporary issues in ceramics and the relationship between ceramics and other disciplines (such as fine art, design, and architecture) will also enable you to develop an informed perspective on your work and write critically about the discipline.

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Visual Arts Certificate in Studio, Ceramics


Created for students that already hold a visual arts degree (BFA or BDes) who wish to study a new discipline, the Visual Arts Certificate in Studio is similar to adding a minor to your existing education. You will further your exploration of visual art processes through concentrated study in one studio discipline in which no more than 12 credits were earned during prior degree work.

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Master of Fine Arts in Craft (MFA)


The MFA in Fine Arts is internationally recognized and is cross-disciplinary in nature – though you may concentrate in audio and video, digital media, drawing, film, installation, painting, performance art, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. General credit requirement are the same for Craft, Fine Arts, or Media Arts.

Students are selected for the MFA program both for their capability as artists, craftspersons, or designers, as well as their academic background and personal interests that may contribute to their success as teachers and scholars.

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Minor in Ceramics


Students who minor in the craft programs pursue individual forms of expression while being challenged to think critically and seek innovative solutions. Students learn a wide variety of skills, including traditional methods, new technology and industrial processes.

Student Work

Ceramics students work within the realm of vessel, sculptural, and architectural ceramics, constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials.


The Ceramics program has one of the best facilities in North America. Located in the beautiful Port Campus, students have access to five high efficiency custom Blaauw kilns, an assortment of potters’ wheels from various manufacturers, ConeArt electric kilns with Bartlett computer controls, a 54-ton Ram press with various steel dye frames, a fully equipped glaze kitchen and lab, and much more.