Introductory Graphic Design


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This course introduces the principles of two-dimensional design in the context of graphic design. Please note that this is not a computer class but rather a course in which you will be introduced to the fundamental approaches to graphic design as you develop your conceptual process, design skills and presentation techniques. Students will use a variety of graphic methods to communicate ideas with images, typography, narrative illustration, and decoration. As they review the basic concepts and vocabulary of design, students learn how to critique and discuss visual work. The emphasis throughout is on exploring design through the dynamics of form, letterform and typographic elements, and graphic design as a communication tool. Please bring a sketch pad/note book, coloured markers or pencils, glue sticks, scissors and/or utility knife to the first class.

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P205, 1107 Marginal Road


2019-01-29 to 2019-03-12


Tue, 6:30pm-9:00pm

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