Catherine Allen

Catherine Allen has a BSc from Dalhousie University and an MFA from NSCAD University. She has been working in arts education and programming for over 17 years, She has taught both community arts courses as well as University-level jewellery courses at OCAD (Toronto, ON) and at NSCAD University. For the past five years, she has been as the Program Coordinator at NSCAD University’s School of Extended Studies which offers courses in all mediums to the public. She is passionate about the transformative experience of art and making. At Extended Studies she endeavours to make Art accessible through outreach and innovation. Community also plays a significant role in her personal art practice, where she is currently working on a collection of jewellery based on children’s drawings of themselves and their families.

Amber Solberg

Program Assistant

With an eye for the odd, Amber Solberg is an illustrator, artist, craftsperson and instructor. Hailing from Alberta, she headed east to the ocean  and now lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Since receiving a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College and an Interdispiclinary BFA from NSCAD University,  she’s found that science, storytelling, watercolours and humour are her jam (although not what she’d want on toast).

Her work spans from the technical to the expressive, all with an underlying creativity. The classes she teaches give voice to her various interests: from monsters to atmosphere, from world marvels to making stories.

Jay Dort (Program Development Assistant)

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Elyse Moir
Summer Camp Coordinator

Elyse is an emerging interdisciplinary artist and arts facilitator from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She completed her BFA at NSCAD University in 2015 and has worked for the schools Extended Studies Department as a youth instructor since 2014. Elyse enjoys helping people of all ages to express themselves with visual storytelling and is passionate about taking art outside of the gallery, whether that means participating in public events like Nocturne and Artist for the Day, or hosting a karaoke costume party. Recently, Elyse has been making comic-like scenic paintings and recording and manipulating sound and video during a residency at The Centre for Art Tapes.