Carrie Allison-Goodfellow

    Carrie Allison-Goodfellow is an emerging Indigenous mixed-race visual artist. Through research in both botanical migration and Aboriginal histories she forms connections that speak to an alternative grand narrative involving the environment, westernization, globalization, and Indigenous stories. Carrie sees similarities between the ways in which the environment (land, water, and plants) struggles to thrive to the ways in which global Indigenous cultures struggle to carve out their own place in society. Allison’s paintings and drawings highlight nature’s continual battle for survival and they are metaphors for the way western society has overtaken or rather colonized First Nations’ way of life.
    Carrie graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, focusing on drawing and painting, and a Bachelor in Art History, focusing on contemporary Indigenous art, both from NSCAD University. Currently she is pursuing a Masters in Fine Art at NSCAD. Carrie believes strongly in the power of creative education and enjoys taking the classroom outside.