Drew McSherry

    Originally from the United States, my artistic journey began at around the age of five. I was always drawing and my favourite activity was copying illustrations from the Ed Emberley series of drawing books. This was my first introduction to art, and I fell in love. For a good portion of my young childhood I was primarily self-taught, drawing from my imagination or from art books that my parents purchased. However, in eighth grade I began to receive a more formal drawing class education in the form of a private art teacher. As I progressed through my art education my skills and passion developed and after leaving high school I pursued a bachelor of arts in graphic design from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. Upon graduation I was not satisfied with the heavy design emphasis of my education and wanted to pursue a more traditional art avenue. I decided to attend The Academy of Art University in San Francisco in order to receive my Masters in Fine Art in children’s book illustration. After graduation I slowly began a career in illustration. I began freelancing, taking on small jobs illustrating for various products including wine labels. A few years after graduation I met my wife who happened to be a journalist for National Public Radio. We soon combined our talents to write a series of children’s books based around shapes that teaching students the fundamentals of drawing and geometry. From there I began and illustrating my own books and illustrating and partnering with authors on their projects. Some of the books I have illustrated are: Terrance the Trapezoid, The Alphabet Book of Legendary Creatures, The Wild Buck, and The Mutant Counting Book.

    Currently I am working on several books. Bella Sophia: A Mermaid’s Tale is a book I am working on with an author from my hometown of Monterey. I am also writing and illustrating a young adult novella entitled Arthur Grimley of the Damned. As well as illustrating I am also constantly creating artwork for Ugallery, an online art gallery based out of San Francisco, and showing my work locally.

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