Interdisciplinary Arts

Division: Art History and Contemporary Culture/Craft/Design/Fine Arts/Media Arts/Foundation
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Program: Major in Interdisciplinary Arts

Program Length: 4 years (see Degree Requirements)

Campus: Fountain Campus

Program Entry

The Major in Fine Art program is an open entry program. After successfully completing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to major in fine art. They then continue their studies with fine art studios at intermediate and senior levels.

Program Requirements

Completion of Foundation Year 1. 30 credits of 1000-Level courses including:
FNDN 1010 Intro to Studio practice(3-credits)
FNDN 1100 Foundation Drawing I(3-credits)
FNDN 1200 Intro to Visual Culture (3-credits)
FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts(3-credits)
Years 2-4. Courses Required:
AHIS 2010 Survey of 19th C Art (3-credits)
AHIS 2020 Survey of 20th C Art (3-credits)
AHIS XXXX(3-credits)
AHIS/FHIS 3XXX / 4XXX(3-credits)
AHIS/FHIS 3XXX / 4XXX(3-credits)
MDIA 3230 Interdisciplinary: Idea and Progress or MDIA 3240 Interdisciplinary: Language Into Art orMDIA 3250 Interdisciplinary: Media Landscapes(6-credits)
Elective/Open Credits
2000 Level Studio (15-credits)
3000 Level Studio (9-credits)
3500 Level Studio
Any level LASC (liberal arts and science) (9-credits)
4000 Level Studio (6-credits)
Open credits(21-credits)

Please visit the Academic Calendar for a description of all courses available during your undergraduate studies.

Available Minors

There are many minors to complement your interdisciplinary arts major, including art history, film studies, illustration and print/paper/book.


Faculty members are accomplished artists, scholars, educators and leaders in their craft. For a list of faculty, click on the button below.