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Faculty appointment: NSCAD welcomes Marissa Y Alexander

NSCAD University is very pleased to announce the appointment of Marissa Y Alexander as Assistant Professor, Division of Craft (Ceramics). Alexander works predominantly with clay and her different streams of works are united by coil and line.

“A gesture as simple as making a line, when performed repeatedly, builds and transforms,” said Alexander. “I feel free when using coils to establish forms—there are no restrictions, and the possibility of where the lines lead to is endless. Material and process are central to my ceramics practice, and I aim to make things that engage myself and other people.”

Alexander said she is excited for the potential for growth at NSCAD. She is looking forward to developing as a teacher alongside other great educators and among students, and to have her own studio practice influenced by this new position. 

“Having the opportunity to witness the development of students over years as they progress through the program is something that I’m really looking forward to,” said Alexander. “I am interested in creating things from a place of contentment, intention and realness, and as a teacher I hope the passion and excitement I feel toward the material energizes my students to feel capable and confident to fully engage their own ideas and interests as they develop as individuals and makers.”

“Marissa communicates a passion for research and teaching with clarity and enthusiasm that resonates with students, faculty and staff,” said NSCAD Vice-President (Academic & Research) and Provost Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff. “I believe she demonstrates significant potential as an emerging scholar and artist, and we’re thrilled she is joining NSCAD. She brings a wealth of knowledge in ceramic surface and imagery development along with a unique perspective on function to the program.”

Alexander holds a Master of Fine Art from Alfred University (2019) and was a full-time Artist-In-Residence at Harbourfront Centre. I have a BA in Sociology from McMaster University and received an Advanced Diploma in Craft and Design (Ceramics) from Sheridan College.

“I’m from Hamilton ON, and have lived here most of my life, but I am so thrilled to be moving to Nova Scotia,” said Alexander. “It’s a big deal for me and I’m still coming to terms with it, but I’m so looking forward to making it my new home for the foreseeable future.”


Headline photo: Sisters in Cosmos 2, ceramic, 2022

A woman with long dark hair faces the camera and holds a ceramic vase close to her face
Photo: Marissa Y Alexander