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NSCAD 2021 Graduation Exhibition

The NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition, organized by Brit Moore-Shirley, is being hosted online @annaleonowensgallery on Instagram. Beginning on May 5th, join us to celebrate NSCAD’s graduating students with daily artist features.

The NSCAD Graduation Exhibition is an annual showcase of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. This exhibition highlights diverse and interdisciplinary approaches by the exhibiting students in a variety of mediums – spanning textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewellery, video and more.

2021 NSCAD Design
Online Graduation Exhibition
May 5 – June 1, 2021

An outro marks the end of something. In music, it is often a song that provides closure to an album. For the students of NSCAD University’s Design Studio 6 course, Outro marks the culmination of their degree project and for many in this graduating class, the conclusion of their degree studies.

As part of the Design Studio 6 course, taught by Glen Hougan and Huschang Pourian, students were asked to identify a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal and develop a solution based upon one of its targets. Students were provided with seven weeks to research and communicate the topic of their self-directed project, followed by five weeks to ideate and develop a final solution.

Outro is a forward-looking exhibition of student work, presenting a variety of solutions to vital issues effecting the future of our planet. Come explore the design process, examine the proposals and join the students in envisioning a better future.