Advisory: As Halifax Water is currently undertaking work at the Fountain campus, we ask our community to not drink the water at the Fountain campus. We will update you as soon as the work has been completed.

NSCAD Student Emergency Fund Campaign

NSCAD community comes through for students, but financial need continues to grow. Donate Button: Support NSCAD Students

NSCAD University would like to thank the members of our community who responded quickly – and with exceptional generosity – to support our Student Emergency Fund. Your gifts enabled us to exceed our original goal of $10,000 in just one day!

We are absolutely overwhelmed by your care for our students.

We know many NSCAD students are trying to cope with the fallout of the pandemic. The NSCAD Student Emergency Fund will disburse emergency bursaries to NSCAD students who need extra financial support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to the awesome donor response, NSCAD is now able to increase the number of students eligible for the grant and increase the amount.

Due to the extraordinary support of our community, NSCAD will immediately increase the award to $750, which was originally capped at $500 per student.

But we know there are more students struggling. In order to help as much as we can, we have set a new goal of $30,000 by May 31.

If you can, we hope you will consider donating to help a student in need today. We recognize that these are challenging times for everyone, so please do not feel pressured to contribute more than you are able – or at all. Just remember that a gift of even $5 could go a long way in supporting a NSCAD student at this desperate hour.