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Thank you to the Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery donors!

Thank you to the Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery donors!

Your commitment is helping to animate our Institute.

Canada’s relationship to slavery has primarily been understood through the stories of the Underground Railroad while the 200-year history of enslaved people in what is now Canada has not been given the intellectual and social contemplation it so rightly deserves. Our artists in residence will contribute to growing our understanding of the lives of enslaved people in Canada.

Your donation today will have an impact and demonstrate that NSCAD is committed to this work.

Thank you for your support!

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous Donor

$1,000 – $2,499

Kara Holm & Thomas Curran, Dave van de Wetering and Ciena Canada Inc., Wilfred Moore & Jane Ritcey-Moore, Moore Suites, Anonymous Donor

$500 – $999

Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan, Sarah McKinnon & Peter Dawes, Johanna Mizgala, Anonymous Donor

$250 – $499

Heather Anderson & Aaron Schmidt, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Lydie Dubuisson, Joanne Hames, Zab Hobart, Johanna Mizgala, MNP LLP, Alan & Luann Nesmith, Alyce Wright

$100 – $249

ANA + ZAC, Mary Banks, Donald Burry, Canadian Typography Archives, Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, Melanie Egan, Graham A. Fowler Peggy Gale, Leslie Gotfrit, Frances Gregor & Ronald Gregor, Louis Grenier, Brian Lilley Alex Livingston & Heather MacLeod, Denis Longchamps, Barbara Lounder & Robert Bean, Meredith MacKinlay, Brian Meehan, Jane Milton, Kate Monro, Mauve Page, David Peters & Rhonda Rubinstein, Steven Peters, Cynthia Petersen, Ginny Holland Perkins, Lelland Reed, Karen Robinson, Robbie & Jean Shaw, Brian & Colleen Sloan, Cheryl Tissington, Martha Townsend, Barb Weatherbee, Kimberlee West, Joe Weil, Rebecca Young, Anonymous Donors

Up to $100

Jacinte Armstrong, Artech Camps Canada, Mary Banks, Gary Castle, Brigitte Clavette, The Coast, Auguste Comtent Imc, Shannon Donovan, Dawn Eyland Reiss & Dariusz Reiss, Scott Everingham, Anke Fox, Pauline Gardiner Barber & Bruce Barber, Sherene Hall-Stevens, Rebecca Hannon, Joshua Harrower, Elizabeth Holloway, Shiralee Hudson Hill, Marlene Ivey, Duane Jones, Laura Kenins, Alexandra Kim, Ronald Kuwahara, Bill & Stella Lord, Lindsey MacCallum, Jessica MacDonald, Allan H. MacKay,  Laura MacLean, Dawn MacNutt,  Jenna Marks, Paul McClure, Sarah Mitchell, François Morelli, Mohammed Odusanya, Natalie Olivares, Christine Oreskovich, Lori Pauli, Belinda Peres, Catherine Renouf-Thompson, Sabrina Richard, Pamela Ritchie, Carol Smeraldo, Connor Smithers-Mapp, Alisa Snyder Chris Streling, Bill Travis, Eliot & Liz Wright, Anonymous Donors

Tribute Gifts

Dawn Eyland Reiss & Dariusz Reiss in memory of Cliff Eyland
Anonymous Donor in memory of Cato Cox and John Brown, Black Loyalists; Hannah Chandler, Cato’s wife, and John Brown’s wife, name unknown.
Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan in honory of Audrey Dear Hesson
Ron Kuwahara in memory of Hiroshi Kuwahara
Dawn MacNutt in honour of Sen. Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard
Wilfred Moore & Jane Ritcey-Moore in memory of David Murphy