Advisory: As Halifax Water is currently undertaking work at the Fountain campus, we ask our community to not drink the water at the Fountain campus. We will update you as soon as the work has been completed.

2019 MFA Forum

Winter Discussion SeriesJanuary 23rd – February 13th
Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm
Art Bar +Projects, 1873 Granville Street

This Winter, the MFA Forum will host a discussion series. The intention is to foster increased collaboration between faculty and graduate students, and to host an event for exploration, experimentation and discussion of a variety of topics within the University Community. The seating conguration during this event will be circular, and the public is invited to attend and participate. Conversations will pivot from a particular keyword chosen by participating groups, and will include readings, performances, discussions about studio work, other artists, etc.

January 23rd
Group Members: Phillip Kanwischer, Alex Lineld, Maddie Alexander, Drayden DeCosta, Merryn Tresidder, David Clark, Lelland Reed

January 30th
Group Members: Rachel Anzalone, Jacinte Armstrong, Katarina Marinic, Joseph Pesina, Xinting Hui, Gary Markle, Erika Walker

Group Members: Sarah MacCulloch, Jason Everitt, Louis-Charles Dionne, Suzie Cochrane, Anna Sprague

February 6th
Group Members: Aralia Maxwell, Benjamin Muriithi, Camille Valcourt-Synnott, Yang Guo, Becka Barker, Sara Hartland-Rowe,

Group Members: Cullen Bingeman, Morgan Melenka, Alicia Hunt, Alexis Gros-Louis, Amanda Gresik, Craig Leonard, Erika Mendritski

February 13th
Group Members: Chloe Kinsella, Alicia Proudfoot, Lisa Klakulak, Sage Sidley, Melanie Wilmink, April Mandrona, Bob Bean

Group Members: Suttie Mae, Emma Allain, Feiya She, Chongyin Yuan, Barbara Lounder, Thierry Delva, Rory MacDonald