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A Slippery Place Séamus Gallagher, Roloff Beny Scholarship recipient

A Slippery PlaceSéamus Gallagher, Roloff Beny Scholarship recipient — Gallery 1
Artist Talk: Tuesday, 5 March, 1PM 

March 5 – 9, 2019
Opening reception: Tuesday, 5 March, 5:30–7PM 

Inspired equally by drag culture and video game aesthetics, Gallagher’s photo-based exhibition touch on themes of identity, embodiment, and fantasy. Through a process of converting digital 3D renderings into paper models, they have constructed drag-influenced costumes, wigs, and masks that they wear for their series of self-portraits. By staging these photographs within sets created from images of video game environments, Gallagher is interested in the queering of virtual spaces and blurring the binary of the digital and the physical, the real and the fake.