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Huschang Pourian

Assistant Professor
Division of Design


Huschang Pourian has over 25 years of international experience in brand development and communications, fashion design, product design, and spatial design. The immersive experience of living in Europe, Asia and North America – and working in interdisciplinary, multicultural collaborative teams – has given him a close personal and professional understanding of diverse cultures beyond his own mixed heritage.

Huschang’s industry expertise spans entrepreneurial contexts and multinational corporations (most recently, Philips Design and HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates) while his academic experience includes communication design at the Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, and entrepreneurship at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Huschang’s research focuses on technology for education and investigating the potential of the experience economy. He holds a Bachelor of Design and a Master of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Having majored in design and entrepreneurship, he understands how these fields are complementary and essential for driving innovative processes. To prepare students for today’s fast-changing professional environment and the rise of increasingly complex challenges, his goal is to bring real life projects into the classroom and connect students with the industry, while helping them to stay at the forefront of technology.