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Solomon Nagler

Division of Media Arts, Film


Campus: Academy Campus
Office Number: A201
Phone Number: 902 444 3167


Solomon Nagler’s films have been screened across the globe and been featured in retrospective programs at Kino Arsenal in Berlin,  Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal and other cinematheques and festivals in Melbourne, Wellington, Paris, Ottawa, Calgary and Winnipeg. His work also includes 16mm celluloid installations that engage with experimental architecture in galleries and public space. These works have been exhibited at the Biennale Warszawa, Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin, Toronto International Film Festival and Artspace Gallery (Sydney, Australia). Originally from Winnipeg, he is co-founder of WNDX: Festival of the Moving Image. In 2017, he co-edited Sculpting Cinema with Melanie Wilmink, a survey of contemporary Canadian expanded cinema practices that was published by the Pleasure Dome in Toronto. Their new collaborative publication Landscapes of Moving Image will be released in 2021. Solomon Nagler received his BA with an honours in Philosophy from the University of Winnipeg (1998) and his MFA in Film Production from Concordia University (2007).


Solomon Nagler’s current research includes a SSHRC funded Insight Research Creation Grant Memory Activism; Collaborative Processes of Counter-Memorialization. This is an interdisciplinary research-creation project between artists, museologists, curators and scholars of genocide and memory studies. His past research includes being PI for the SSHRC Research Creation project Tracing the City: Art and the Public (2011-2014) and research with wayfinding in public space with augmented reality. This research was awarded Design Competition and Future Innovations Award at the 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices & Services.

Nagler’s Curatorial work includes being commissioned to assemble a two-program collection of film and video work from Manitoba and Saskatchewan for the National Arts Centre’s Prairie Scene Festival, a commission to curate a survey of work for the 40th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Film Group for screenings in Montreal and Paris and also collaborating to do a survey for the 40th anniversary of the Atlantic Filmmakers’ Coop.  Nagler was also co-curator of the New Zealand commission project Six Artists Respond to the Poetry of Joanna Margaret Paul, which was exhibited at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Zealand.



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  • All Flesh is Grass, Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 2021
  • The Bright Angel, in.plano Gallery, Ile Saint-Denis (Paris, France) September 2021
  • Knowing materiality, Re:Kultura, Kracow, Poland, July 2021
  • Speculative Cartographies. Biennale Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland 2019 and The Halifax Central Library, 2020
  • Genizah: Hulls. Poolside Gallery, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg, July 2018
  • Genizah, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany, July 2017
  • Situated Cinema Project; in-camera (mobile public art work). Toronto International Film Festival, 8-11 Gallery and Artscape. Toronto, Canada, 2015
  • Situated Cinema, Artspace Gallery, Sydney Australia, February 2014.

All film and installation work can be viewed here: