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Positive COVID-19 cases in the NSCAD Community: Important information and next steps

Eight positive COVID-19 cases were recently reported at NSCAD, and access to NSCAD campuses will be restricted starting Saturday, December 18, at 11 p.m. Only staff and faculty will have access to campus until December 22, 2022 at 3 p.m. (when the planned holiday closure will take effect).

All members of the NSCAD community should follow public health protocols—carefully watch for COVID-19 symptoms and, if they develop, stay home and complete the online assessment at or call 811. In the meantime, we are conducting a thorough sanitization in all potentially impacted areas.

Rapid tests (3 per person) can be picked up tomorrow (Sunday, December 19) and Monday, December 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Art Bar +Projects (1873 Granville Street).

Winter semester

Our Return to Campus Plan, which is based on Nova Scotia’s Post-Secondary Education Post-Pandemic Guidance, will remain unchanged and now includes the requirement for proof of full vaccination in order to work or attend in-person learning or activities on campus when we return. We will continue to offer rapid test kits throughout the semester.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, we are making modest adjustments to the winter 2022 semester.  Please note the following key dates:

  • January 4, 2022 – Staff and faculty will return to work.
  • January 10 – Start of classes. Classes will begin online.
  • January 17 – Return to in-person classes on campus.
  • February 22-25 – Reading Week remains unchanged.
  • April 27 — Last date of scheduled classes.

Although the semester dates are being adjusted for safety, we encourage everyone who is travelling during the holidays to return to Halifax by January 4, 2022.

Next Steps

  • Continue to carefully watch for COVID-19 symptoms and, if they develop, stay home and complete the online assessment at or call 811.
  • If positive, identify and advise your close contacts.
  • Those eligible for the third shot/booster are strongly encouraged to make an appointment ASAP.
  • Those with children in the five-to-11 age group should get the first and second doses of vaccine ASAP.
  • All other public health protocols (masking, hand washing, physical distancing, gathering limits) should be strictly adhered to.
  • Familiarize yourself with public health protocols, including self-isolation requirements, found here:

It is important that everyone take charge of their own health through regular testing and self-isolating if positive. We will continue to stay closely connected to public health officials and follow their guidelines as more becomes known about how to best work and live amid the reality of the Omicron variant.  We will continue to update the NSCAD community if new relevant information becomes available.

As we’ve demonstrated throughout the pandemic, we are stronger together by staying apart. Take good care of yourself, monitor your and your family’s health, and take immediate action should symptoms present themselves. We thank the individuals who tested positive for taking the proper measures to minimize any potential transmission and for reporting back to us so quickly.  Their quick actions have allowed us to take the necessary action to keep the community safe.



Sarah McKinnon, PhD
Interim President
NSCAD University