Opportunity and Belonging

Our purpose is to build a culture of opportunity and belonging across the NSCAD student community. We offer a wide range of supports, including mental health and wellness, counselling, financial guidance, community-building events, and more.

Who We Are

Charisma Grace Walker
Director, Opportunity and Belonging

Charisma Grace works closely with students, senior leadership and Senate to advance the university’s academic priorities. She provides holistic support by understanding students’ unique needs, listening to their concerns and working with them to ensure successful outcomes.

“My goal is to positively impact the life of every student attending NSCAD University. I am inspired by NSCAD’s dedication to creating a culture that is equitable, diverse and inclusive across its campuses, and I am thrilled to be a part of the journey.”

Reach out to Charisma if you:

  • Are not sure who to connect with for a particular support.
  • Have questions about your financial aid accounts.
  • Need help when escalating a particular issue.
  • Have ideas and suggestions on how Opportunity and Belong can work with students.

Jennifer Abrahamson
Registered Counselling Therapist

NSCAD University’s counsellor, Jennifer Abrahamson, has a Master in Counselling Psychology degree from Yorkville University and brings extensive experience counselling in a post-secondary environment after working at both Saint Mary’s University and Nova Scotia Community College.

“I find counselling therapy to be a fulfilling role because I get to provide support to students from various backgrounds.  Having the lived experience of someone with a disability has ignited my passion for supporting others with disabilities. Individual with disabilities often struggle with their mental health and being in the two roles give me a deeper understanding.”

Reach out to Jennifer if you:

  • Need support with any concerns including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, body image difficulties, and school/work stress.
  • Would like to request an accessibility accommodation.
  • Have questions about your mental health and wellness options at NSCAD.

Adrian Cameron

Adrian Cameron is the new addition to NSCAD’s Opportunity and Belonging team as a counsellor at the Port Campus. He has a Master in Counselling Psychology Degree  from Yorkville University and brings his experience in mental health, intellectual disabilities, multicultural diversity and LGBTQ matters to his new role .

“As an immigrant and a minority, I understand the issues related with adapting to a new culture and the mental health issues that can arise from the experience. That is why I found it so important to support and help, as a counsellor, not only international students but also everyone who goes through any mental health issues.”

Reach out to Adrian if you:

  • if you have any issues related to anxiety, depression, adapting to a new culture, environment, identity and mental health in general.
  • need help organizing and making sense of your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.
  • would like to explore and know more about yourself.

Haoming (Jim) Nao
Coordinator, Opportunity and Belonging

Haoming (Jim) is very familiar with NSCAD, having both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in jewellery design and metalsmithing and minoring in art history, and held several positions as a student assistant in admissions and recruitment. Now firmly planted in the office of Opportunity and Belonging, Jim’s collaborative approach aligns well with his role as a key support to NSCAD international and domestic students.

“As a former international student from China, I have a deep understanding of the student’s perspective and what it means to belong. Now as a member of the Opportunity and Belonging team, I am able to create opportunities for connection through events and initiatives.”

Reach out to Jim if you:

  • Are a student looking for ways to connect with the NSCAD community, or broader Halifax community.
  • Have questions about a particular event or activity, including orientation.
  • Need help connecting with a particular person or department.

Student Assistants 

NSCAD University has a wonderful team of student assistants, on-hand to provide support to students, and assist staff in the Office of Student Experience. 

We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to the students of NSCAD.

Fayrouz Ibrahim
Hongyi Guo
Madison Nelmark
Nguyen Pham
Sarah-Marie Ai-Jbouri
Jasmeen Kaur