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International Women’s Day: NSCAD alumni leading research into women’s health

Christine Goudie
Christine Goudie (BDes 2007).

In honour of International Women’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on a NSCAD alumni who is leading and aiding research that directly benefits women’s health!

Christine Goudie (BDes 2007) is the CEO, product designer and co-founder of Granville Biomedical. She is working to improve women’s health by designing and producing vulva and vaginal simulation anatomical models that provide healthcare trainees with a more advanced way to learn about and repair injuries caused by childbirth, disease and genital mutilation.

“I knew when I started at NSCAD that this was the path I wanted to take – I wanted to use design to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Goudie.

Goudie’s company offers a modern, cost-effective solution, utilizing 3D printing for teaching hospitals and other healthcare institutions, with products that provide advanced hands-on teaching and learning opportunities. The result is improved information exchange between medical practitioners, trainees and patients.

“Through collaborative design, interdisciplinary research, and exemplary execution, we’re aiming to affect change within women’s health by designing accessible anatomical simulation solutions,” said Goudie. “Our simulation products are designed to be realistic and reusable, providing continuous hands-on learning opportunities to healthcare professionals and students.”

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Photo courtesy Granville Biomedical.
Photo courtesy Granville Biomedical.

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