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Masters of Design Studio 2 Class: End of Semester Show

Together with students from Saint Mary’s University, NSCAD’s Master of Design Studio 2 class will showcase their latest innovations, products, and services. The MDES-6520-2 class has been invited to join the:

SMU Sparks Expo
Friday April 12, 12:00 to 4:00PM

At the Arthur L. Irving Entrepreneurship Centre,

Inspiration Studio (SH212)
5907 Gorsebrook Ave.
Halifax Nova Scotia
B3H 1G3

NSCAD’s current first-year Master of Design cohort will showcase their intriguing projects between design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Join us for an exclusive glimpse into the visions of a talented group of graduate design students, who have formulated new and critical responses to modern problems, with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. 

Over the course of two semesters, this group of 10 designers has embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery. From reimagining the shopping experience for seniors to developing smart devices aimed at reducing calorie intake, and even creating specialized information platforms for Canada’s growing community of snake-pet owners. 

Through informed design research and thoughtful analysis, they have identified social and cultural problems and validated their solutions through customer and user development processes. The class developed branding effectively as a tool to communicate values and benefits and harnessed the power of emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), to created immersive brand experiences that inform and engage their users.

Save the date and meet our next generation design professionals to listen to their elevator pitches and chat about their visions, target audiences, and product market fit.

Project list

’Patch’ – Junwen Hu 

A wearable muscle detection and relaxation device


‘SIPSLIM’ – Jialin Cao 
A motivational hydration tracking device 

Attachable sensor (hardware) with health app/platform for monitoring, education & community building


’SNAKUB’ – Hanying Li 

A platform for the deeper understanding of snakes


‘SOASIS’ – Angela Qiao 

A multi-functional space that provided Ai supported mental support, using smart home technology for personalized ambience linked to user profiles.


‘WIZ’ – Shima Soltani 

A virtual shopping assistant for seniors, using AR for in-store navigation. 


‘M.O.M.’ – Jewell Tan 

A smart-mat and pregnancy care kit, for recovery exercise and training, guided through integrated vibration and light pads.


‘MUSZIO’– Lin Jiang 

A collaborative platform for musicians and visual artists, connecting creatives and related industry partners with each other. 


‘MOOI’ – Han Hu 

An outdoor fashion brand, that reuses micro plastics, with educational, and community building online retail platform.


VERIDGE’ – Xiaotong Zhang 

A newcomer guiding platform that is built around trust, connecting immigrants with services and local businesses.


’TURBOTRAN’ – Behnaz Ghorbani 

An information app that improves local transportation experie