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Myal: Jamaican Maroon Instruments & Cultural Objects

Tyshan Wright
The Craig Main & Case Galleries
February 3 – 28, 2021

Jamaican Maroon Instruments & Cultural Objects by Tyshan Wright

Myal is a collection of ceremonial objects and instruments used spiritually among the Jamaican Maroons. These instruments are used to guide Maroons towards myal – a sacred moment of communion with the ancestors.

“The Maroons’ most sacred objects include a series of traditional drums, and a carved cow’s horn called an abeng. Traditionally these instruments are used in celebration and ceremony, and for centuries they have played a central role in Maroon culture and spirituality. But when Jamaican Maroons were exiled to Nova Scotia in 1796, they were denied these ceremonial objects. And so I want to bring these sacred objects to Nova Scotia, and connect this important part of Maroon culture to the Canadian narrative.” – Tyshan Wright